Molokai – The Historic And Beautiful Halawa Valley

Hidden away down a single road on the East side of this gorgeous island of Molokai is Halawa Valley. After winding round the southern coast you turn a corner and wow!..

There before you is a gorgeous landscape and bay that if you pan look inland from, leads upstream through stunning greenery to towering natural waterfalls.

The Halawa Valley Molokai

It seems such a peaceful and surreal place. But this place has been the oldest continually inhabited place in Hawaii. People have lived in Halawa Valley since 650 AD.

When you look at it you can see why. The valley is deep for protection and the bay is perfect for launching boats. The land perfectly fertile to support them.

BaldHiker Retreats

In fact, up until 1946 there was a village here with thousands of people. A large community. Then a tsunami suddenly struck, wiping out many houses as well as ruining the land with the salt water. This forced a lot of people to move on and away.

A Cultural Hike Up The Valley

If you want to experience and learn more about Hawaii, the ancient cultures, the people that lived in the area then this is one excursion you cannot miss.

Our guide was the well known Pilipo Solatorio, a man with great passion. He was born and raised in the valley and his grandfather taught him the old traditions when he was a child and thankfully he is able to pass history down to us before it was lost.

Pilipo Solotario Molokai

All the way up the 2 mile trail to the falls you can see signs of an old civilisation amongst the tropical green thick forest. Ancient stone pathways, remains of houses/places of worship and even ancient birthing stones nestled deep in the vines and leaves.

Whilst you are mesmerised with the sights around you, Pilipo has a vast amount of knowledge and tradition to pass on to you along the route. The pride is in evidence from him and you cannot fail to learn.

This is not just a tour to see trees and beautiful waterfalls in paradise, this is also a trip for learning about the culture and history.

tropical trees Molokai
in the trees
big yellow flower
tropical trees in Halawa valley

Moa’ula Falls

Suddenly, the trees open, and.. there they are.. the 250-foot Moa’ula Falls. Double tiered falling down the mountainside and into the start of the valley.

A sight you can spend hours gazing at, in total peace and only the sound of water falling and birds. And yes, pack your swimming gear as you can swim below the falls in the natural pool that has formed before the river.

Moa'ula Falls Molokai

The few people that remained in the area after the tsunami used irrigation techniques and the water from this waterfall to bring the valley back to fertile life.

Full Moa'ula Falls on molokai

A beautiful day, a learning day, a day many should experience. I love Molokai, and will be back for more I am so sure.

Please note the trail passes over private land and the area is restricted to guided hikes only. The guides make the difference anyway.

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  1. Annie@GreenGlobalTravel says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tips, I find many people think guided tours are a bit touristy, but I’m always looking for good guides for my trips. I, too, feel they make the difference 🙂

  2. Rodolfo Grimaldi says:

    It is so beautiful. Breathtaking! I met something comparable only in Thailand, 🙂

  3. Claire Walter says:

    Beautiful images. I hiked the valley several years ago with Lawrence Aki, whom I described as "a determined visionary who is restoring his family’s traditional taro fields and introducing visitors to the history and spirituality of the Hawai’ian peoples via his cultural guided hikes on private land to a beautiful waterfall." At that time, the Molokai Ranch was still welcoming visitors both at the beautiful Lodge at Molokai Ranch and in a remote complex of tentalows where people came to learn Hawaiian music, dance and other traditions.

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