Maui – Refresh With a Bike Ride Down A Volcano 1

The sun was out, the wind was low. A perfect day to get out, up, and ready to bike down a volcano. Sights to behold, speed to feel and freewheeling with ease and no effort all the way down. Super!

We met or guides from Maui Easy Riders at the bottom and they take you by minibus all the way up the winding road and through the villages where you see a new perspective on Maui life.

Maui - Bike Ride Down A Volcano

Once up there the bikes are sized and helmets sorted then….. we were off!! The bikes are specially designed for downhill and they coast very very easily with speed but you keep control easily too. The guides are great. Especially for the first half which involves hairpin bends, definately gets the blood flowing. What helps too is the views way over the ocean, Maui and to Molokai and beyond.

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As well as the coast etc you do get to experience some wonderful Maui inland nature and sights. All with the wind blowing in your face nicely. Careful not to daydream too much 😀

Maui - Bike Ride Down A Volcano

Maui - Bike Ride Down A Volcano

As you get lower and lower the towns get bigger but the respect they show other road users really stands out plus your guides have your back at all times. You can tell you are nearing the end as you go through the gorgeous little town of Paia with its quaint shops on the street side. Then! You see you have biked all the way down to the coast as you see the gorgeous turquoise of the ocean and a beautiful beach! One of the most unique few hours I have spent and it was fantastic!

Maui - Bike Ride Down A Volcano

Maui - Bike Ride Down A Volcano

In the evening it was time to experience song and dance at the The Westin Maui Resort. It was time to dine and watch a Lu’au. Eating a wonderful feast washed down with cocktails whilst being perfectly entertained with songs and dances from Hawaii combined with other flavours like Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa and more. Even better still all takes place as the sun sets! A perfect end to a perfect day!

Maui - Bike Ride Down A Volcano

Maui - Bike Ride Down A Volcano

Maui - Bike Ride Down A Volcano

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  1. Not sure about the bike ride, but I’d definitely go check out those hula girls!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      haha yes there is that 🙂

  2. Looks amazing! I have a friend who loves cycling and rode up the volcano instead of down! Now that's crazy!

  3. My friends and I did a tour with Maui Easy Riders and the tour was beyond awesome, almost as good as the guides themselves.. but that view sorry billy and billy that view is breath taking, but if just rating the guides themselves .. I'd give them a +20. 🙂 Highly recommend using there services. Why are you still looking anywhere else?

  4. The Redhead Riter says:

    Too fun! all the photos are gorgeous!

  5. erin margolin says:

    Great post, Paul! My husband and I honeymooned in Maui and we did all of these things and LOVED every minute! We also did the road to Hana, not sure if you checked that out? I would love to go back someday. It was gorgeous, all of it. Envy Joyce Cherrier since she gets to hang out there a lot!

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