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Many of you know me as being on foot, in the hills, mountains or over the countryside. But you can’t see great places without a drive and I do love a great drive! So it was very exciting to get a welcome to take a road trip and join in some of the events around Camp Jeep 2016 which this year took place in the beautiful setting around Bassella, Spain.

jeep-11- CampJeep

jeep-7- CampJeep

It is the 75th anniversary of the Jeep brand so this year’s Camp Jeep took on an extra special meaning. Jeep owners and enthusiasts from all over Europe and the world congregate for a few days of events, drives, challenges, concerts and over all a great get together!

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The journey to Camp Jeep was remarkable. Landing in a hot Barcelona from a wet and windy Manchester we had to make our way to Bassella. We had the keys to all the range of Jeep over the days. Each one a pleasure. Here is a short video of the fun journey.

Each Jeep was different, each Jeep was a great drive in its own way. The open road, the sun beating down, on road, off road…. fantastic fun!

jeep- CampJeep

jeep-9- CampJeep

Upon arrival at Camp  Jeep itself we realised the fun had only just begun. Enthusiasts and jeeps of all ages, shape and size where arriving too.

20160602_180929-01- CampJeep 20160602_181000-01- CampJeep 20160603_093424-01- CampJeep

Then suddenly there was a roar.. a loud roar as this beast below came down the road. A Jeep concept car, a very powerful Jeep concept car! 707, yes 707 horsepower.

jeep-8- CampJeep

It was time to get back behind the wheel. The camp had lots of trails and obstacle courses to have a go at. Instructors available at every corner to help and not only protect me and my driving but also to show just how adaptable and versatile these things are. Every scrape escaped from 🙂

jeep-12- CampJeep

Real driving fun from dawn till dusk, day in day out. Having said that the dawns were none too shabby in the area either! Great views to wake up to.

jeep-6- CampJeep

Even some of the other camp residents were enjoying the fresh air 😉


After a final evening of concert, food and beer it was always going to be a shame to head home. A thoroughly enjoyable time, and looking forward to more Jeep  fun and travels soon!


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