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The ruggedness of Cornwall has tempted me to return on countless occasions, there’s an almost magnetic draw to this stunning land. My family and I love to visit Cornwall whenever we have an opportunity, and this was one such trip, a long weekend camping holiday in Penzance and touring the sights.

Land’s End or Peal Point

Land’s End or Peal Point is the most westerly mainland point of Cornwall and England, the distance between Land’s End to John O’ Groats in Scotland is 1.349 km (838 miles) by road. The mile marker signpost states 874 miles to John O’Groats, 3149 miles to New York and 28 miles to the Isles of Scilly, 1 ½ miles to Longships Lighthouse. 

sea rocks at Lands end

As our family trips go, there’s usually impulsiveness involved, and this was certainly evident on this trip in which we packed up our camping gear and drove down to Cornwall for a special birthday weekend. We had found a good location in Penzance, from which to explore from and had lots of ideas for the weekender.

buildings on the cliffs

As always, we made the most of every moment, so once we had set up our camp, tents up and equipment prepped, it was already exploration time! The local area is a perfect base, there’s a lovely beach close by, local shops and a train station just a short walk away and if you feel like exploring further off the mainland, the ferry to The Isles of Scilly docks in Penzance Harbour, which is another good reason to return for another cheeky little unplanned trip to this delightful land. 

BaldHiker Retreats
sea views

This whole weekend trip was a birthday treat and, on my birthday, we chose to visit Land’s End, only 8 miles from Penzance, where we had a rugged wander and I tested out my Nikon camera on the beautiful landscape thereabouts. The visitor centre is a great place to begin a trip to Land’s End, there’s lots of information, plenty for the kids, and adults to do and somewhere to eat and drink, even more so now, there has been a lot of new developments since my last visit. 

looking along the shoreline

Our plan was to explore the more tranquil landscape along the stunning coastline and relax amongst the rocky crags and heather.

Bearing in mind it was summer, and even the coastal breeze was warm that day. I believe we must have chosen the perfect day for walking along the South East coastal path, the scenery is stunning and to wander this land with no care for time or burden, looking out to sea, it was a perfect birthday treat for me. 

The Armed Knight

We lingered for the longest time just looking out over the rocks known as The Armed Knight, with the blue-green sea crashing up against the granite rocks creating swathes of white, looking stunning against the beautiful aqua sea.

As we relaxed here looking out to sea and across to the Longships Lighthouse, we noticed a playful young seal frolicking in the sea foam below us, we watched the seal for some time, in fact time got away from us completely, time seemed to just stand still here. A lovely birthday memory indeed, these rustic landscapes are places that create the best moments.

The area around Land’s End has been designated part of an important plant area for rare species of flora by an organization called Plant Life.  

The Longships, which gives the lighthouse its name

The Longships, which gives the lighthouse its name is a group of rocky islets which are just over 1 mile offshore, you will see them and the lighthouse in my photographs.

This and The Seven Stones Reef along with the Isles of Scilly, which lie about 28 miles (45 km) southwest are part of the mythical lost land of Lyonesse, referred to in Arthurian literature.

When daydreaming and looking out to see on this rocky rugged seascape it is easy to imagine all kinds of mythical tales here, so it is no wonder this area has conjured up such tales. 

mythical lands end

Cornwall is great for conjuring up myth and mystery, and for so many reasons draws back its visitors’ time and time again, once visited, never forgotten and the magnetism pulls on the heart strings. Lands End has this magnetism about it for sure, so it is no wonder, even after years have past, the experience is as fresh as if it were yesterday.

Photography too brings a place back to life after years of absence, it just sparks up those wonderful recollections of good times. I’ve spent so many good times in Cornwall, walking, relaxing, and delving into local history. I love the tin mines and the delightful coastal hikes too. Just thinking about those good times make me want to return again to create more fun memories.

hiking lands end

If you don’t already adore Cornwall, I do hope I can inspire you to visit this mysterious and magical land for yourself and create your own exciting memories in beautiful Kernow (ˈkɛrnɔʊ).

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