Hallin Fell: walk to views over Ullswater

Hallin Fell is one of the easier and small climbs in the Lake District but the views all around at the top are spectacular. Situated half way down the side of Ullswater it is a perfect short walk and climb for the family or for those seeking to pause and reflect in beauty.

From the top the summits of great peaks can be seen as well as one of the most expansive views of Ullswater itself down below you.

views over Ullswater

In a previous post I showed the lakeside walk done from Howton, a tiny place half way down Ullswater’s eastern side.

Howtown is only reached by a quite narrow road from Pooley Bridge. Hallin fell, a peak of commanding views rises from Howtown too, standing on its own before you by the lake.

Hallin Fell: walk to views over Ullswater and beyond 1

There are many paths and trails meandering up the fern covered slopes but for those wishing an even easier stroll or for those with small children etc you can carry on the road up to St Peters Church. From that car park it is just about half an hour of upwards to the top! Just head up from across the road from the church.

the top of Hallin Fell

I would suggest taking your time though of course! Why rush.. It is not just the view at the top, where the large column cairn stands… look around and the valleys and mountains come into view in all directions.

fells of the lake district

At the top… well it is hard to know which way to look for the best view. The whole of it is great! Straight ahead you look across the middle of Ullswater to the other great little viewpoint summits of Little Mell Fell and Great Mell Fell, also Blencathra peeping up behind.

looking down on Ullswater from the top

Looking down the lake and left you have Helvellyn high in the distance for starters with Gowbarrow Fell on the other side of the water.

view towards Hellvellyn range

Looking directly up the lake and beyond the top of it at Pooley Bridge you can see across the beautiful Eden Valley to the Pennines making the horizon. Cross Fell et al.

ullswater looking East

We should not forget behind. Minus the lake but impressive, very impressive. High Street, Beda Fell, The Nab…. just some of the unique and recognisable peaks in this direction. The green valleys and rocky tops on a sunny day are an incredible sight.


Again, as I have said many a time, it is not just about getting to the highest summits for the best views here in Cumbria. Some of the smaller fell tops have the best views and this is one of them.

view half way down

A small climb, not one just for the ardent expert at all, go up and enjoy.

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