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On all my outdoor adventures there is always one thing to keep on top of and that is staying hydrated. Whether a summer walk or wintry trek, if there is one thing that could really spoil the day that is not drinking enough water.

It is not just on hot days either. Thirst can be deceptive on cold days when you don’t feel like drinking water but are still exerting yourself and becoming dehydrated constantly.

When I am guiding the social walks, especially the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, the first thing I ask of each person taking part is to carry enough water. In fact, the biggest reason I have seen people fail on a hiking challenge is dehydration rather than injury.

I take my hydration seriously whenever I go on an adventure. From a water hydration backpack with water reservoir to a flask for a good cup of coffee when needed, I keep all bases covered for any occasion.

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variety of camelbak bottles

CamelBak have come a long way from the early days of producing hydration packs to creating practical lightweight water carriers and filtration systems. Let’s take a look at some of these items and their benefits.

Octane 22 Hydration Backpack

When I am out walking and hiking the backpack I choose is important to me. I personally look at a few specific needs:

  • Lightweight
  • Enough capacity for spare clothing, a rain jacket, food and water
  • Rain cover
  • Sits well for comfort on long distance walks
Octane 22 Hydration Backpack by camelbak

The Octane 22 hydration backpack covers all the above and more. It holds 20L of storage, which is a great amount for a day adventuring, and it weighs less than 900g. It is streamlined too, so it doesn’t feel like extra bulk swinging around on my back.

Being made by CamelBak it comes complete with an integrated 2L Fusion Hydration Reservoir.

camelbak 2l reservoir

The reservoir fits perfectly in to the back of the backpack and the tube is secured perfectly down the strap at the front. This makes it especially easy to get a drink whenever you wish without floundering around to find the tube.

Octane 22 Hydration Backpack with drinking straw

I recently did a long distance hike with this pack and can attest to benefits of the molded mesh air channels. They really do help keep your back ventilated on your journey without any uncomfortable friction whatsoever.

The 20L is great for getting everything in the backpack but there are so many secure pockets etc on the front and on the straps that you never have to go digging inside as and when you need your wallet or keys etc.

camelback backpack lots of pockets

The rain cover works perfectly and safety features have been incorporated into the pack, including a whistle and reflective pattern seams. There are straps available too for trekking poles.

This backpack has now become my go to on any type of hike and of course, I’m guaranteed enough water.

Eddy+ Bottle Filtered By Lifestraw

Imagine you are on a long hike or are wild camping and running out of water to drink. In the past I have had to carry a big filtration pack so that I could use water from a nearby river or tarn.

With the Eddy+ with Lifestraw I can get some perfectly drinkable water on the go. A quick and easy way to collect water and filter it within my water bottle.

Eddy+ Bottle Filtered By Lifestraw

The water is filtered twice via the Lifestraw inside. It is a lot more of complex filter system than it looks and works extremely well.

The system filters out any bacteria, parasites, and microplastics, and reduces any lead, bad taste, chlorine or other unwanted chemicals. It is so good at it doing what it was designed for that it should only be used with water. If you add a flavoured powder, for example, it will filter that out too!

Lifestraw filter with camelbak

It is lightweight, easy to clean, and the bottle is dishwasher proof.

If you want a small amount of clean, drinkable water with no bad taste from a stream etc then the Eddy+ water bottle with lifestraw is the way to go.

camelbak sipping lid

Multibev Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask

After water, my biggest need is perhaps to have a nice warm cup of coffee mid hike. This is where the Multibev comes in; it is a great all rounder for hot or cold drinks.

At 500ml it is a great size and extremely lightweight. But the multi part of its name is where the practicality comes in. It is good for tea, coffee or cold drinks but the design allows it to be used in a variety of ways.

multibev flask by camelbak

The bottom half of the vessel screws off to become a durable 350ml mug and, hidden in a secret compartment, is a rolled up silicon lid so you can turn it into a spill proof travel mug.

camelbak multibev flask with removable mug

It also has a powder coating so it is very durable and can take many of the knocks it is bound to get on an adventure.

The size is perfect for me to get a couple of cuppas on a walk and it doesn’t take up much space at all.


Even in my army days many of us chose to purchase CamelBak setups rather than use some of the kit we were given. So I know and trust the brand. I have tried cheaper brands of water reservoirs with tubes over the years but I have always ended up getting what I paid for: something that would get damaged or leak too easily.

Having my backpack, hydration reservoir and water bottles all designed to work together makes life so much easier, and with CamlBak I know I will get many more seasons out of it all. Their products are all designed with durability and practicality in mind.

CamlBak produces many great products from simpler water bottles to more advanced filtration systems. You are guaranteed to find something suitable for your needs.

As we are always in need of hydration on our adventures I recommend checking out CamelBak to find your vessel(s) of choice.

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