Azerbaijan – Up to Laza and the frozen waterfalls

Whilst in the Gusar region of course we had to go look at some of the mesmerising local scenery.

From way down in the valley you drive up past Shahdag Ski Resort and beyond up over the mountain pass. Snow and ice, a mountain pass and a little village nearly 2000m above sea level, time for the four wheel drive only again.

Laza sits nestled beneath the Azerbaijan mountain tops. In summer all green and plentiful, in winter, especially in winter, feeling more remote but with its beautiful surroundings changed to white.

The Caucasus are full of hidden communities way high in the mountains, a prime example of extreme, remote and high we had visited at Xinaliq the other day.

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Azerbaijan caucus mountains
Laza village

There are numerous huge waterfalls cascading straight down the mountain sides in summer. In fact this area is a destination for many an adventure seeker in the know.

Hiking, nature, remoteness, trails, mountains, climbing and more. In winter the tall waterfalls turn to ice and bring a whole new spectacle. A walk out from the village it was then to see one…

approaching the frozen waterfalls

For the last couple of days I had been in the shadow of Mount Shahdag, the highest point in the vicinity.

The highest ‘unclimbed’ summit in Azerbaijan and The Greater Caucasus at 4,243 m (13,920) feet. The cliffs are so steep and the winds so high that there is no chance at all of a summer climb.

The nearest anyone has come is in winter, using the huge frozen waterfalls that fall off the edges.

Azerbaijan frozen waterfall
ice and stream

It really was a beautiful day to add to the wonder of the excursion. An area I can wander and wander for hours. I love a winter walk.

walking near frozen falls
sun and snow in mountains

My friend Elshad in just shoes was hiking like a snow pro 🙂

Azerbaijan Elshad the guide

I look forward to returning with camera and hiking boots in the summer. Laza and the trails are back on the list, I haven’t finished with it yet 😀

Azerbaijan mountain tops covered in ice and snow
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  1. Great pictures. Reminds me of trips into mountains there while living in Azerbaijan. There is a spectacular summer hiking route up Shahdag. As well as a cairn and cross, There was a small bust of Lenin on the summit but I believe it has gone now. Ask in Laza for Mevlut who can guide you to the summit.

  2. Marysia @ My Travel Affairs says:

    When I was there last summer I was only imagine how it looks in the winter all covered in snow! Wow, truly amazing! Need to go there again in the winter one day!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      yes you must Marysia 🙂

    1. Paul Steele says:

      It is an amazing area completely 🙂 thx

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