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A day off in Boston and I needed to make a plan. The Internet is such a great tool allowing us all the freedom to search out exciting things to do Worldwide. I tap ‘Salem’ into my search engine and I’m off and running. So many suggestions, but I decide on a high-speed ferry ride from Boston ferry terminal, along with a trolley tour of Salem.

I wake up to a glorious day and head downstairs for a hearty breakfast; the only way for me to start the day. Straight afterwards I start out on my walk through the streets of Boston passing various iconic buildings along the way, Massachusetts Statehouse on Beacon Hill being one of them; designed by Charles Bulfinch and built in the 1790’s. The dome was originally sheathed by copper rolled by Paul Revere; it is now covered in gold leaf.


Closer to the Wharf I pass by the Old State House, shrouded by modern buildings it still stands proud. Built in 1712 and served as the seat of Massachusetts until 1793; the Boston Massacre took place outside this building on March 5th, 1770.

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My ferry leaves from Boston Long Wharf. As always I’ve allowed plenty of time, so while I’m waiting for the ferry I take a few photo’s of what’s around me. There’s a young seagull that seems to be aware he’s the star of the show! It goes without saying that there are plenty of beautiful boats to feast your eyes on too. I particularly liked a small wooden sail boat; possibly a ketch.



The ferry journey takes the best part of an hour on a high speed catamaran. What a great experience that was in itself. The Boston skyline soon disappears into the distance once the Captain opens the engines up. We pass the airport and I smile to myself knowing that I won’t be flying out until tomorrow. We pass lots of interesting islands en route and I’m trying to make mental notes of where I should head to next time. Next thing I notice everyone looking out over the port side; there are loads of jet skiers charging off in the opposite direction.




On arrival in Salem the shuttle trolley bus is there to take you up to the town where you’ll get on another trolley bus for the tour of Salem. It’s a hop on hop off service. I’m limited on time so make the decision to stay on for the duration. I log a few places that I want to wander back to and get a closer peak at, one of these places is the Witch Museum. This is not too far away from where you start and finish the tour. I get there just in time to see their show. It’s in an auditorium which has lots of cave like alcoves set out throughout the different stages of the tales of Witchcraft. I found it fascinating as I had no idea how it all came about. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is thinking of going to Salem so I’ll say no more.



I decided to walk back to the ferry as I wanted to see the sail loft and the ship docked alongside that I had noticed while on the trolley tour. The Friendship of Salem is a 171 foot replica of a 1797 East Indiaman. This replica was built in Albany, New York in 2000. It’s a fully functioning ship and sets sail at various times throughout the year and is a museum when moored up.

As I walked along the road I passed by the Customs House and other beautiful timber framed buildings, the oldest candy store being just one of them 🙂




I took a little detour to see the house with seven gables. On the way, in a back yard, was a set of stocks. A couple were getting their photo’s taken so I took the opportunity to snap one of them at the same time. Salem is definitely an interesting place to visit!



All too quickly my time at Salem has come to an end. But my day is not over yet, I have the return ferry journey to enjoy and a meander back to my hotel, stumbling passed some other amazing buildings; the Traffic Tunnel Administration Building and St. Stephen’s Church and bell tower, just showing that the day stayed fine right into the early evening.


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