A Stay at The Inn On Loch Lomond

It was time for a weekend away in Scotland and our destination was Loch Lomond. The accommodation choice was The Inn On Loch Lomond, situated half way along its shores around 3 miles north of the village of Luss at Inverbeg.

I have been looking forward to spending a couple of days adventure around here, including kayaking, for such a long time. Now was the time indeed.

The Inn on Loch Lomond at sunset

As some of you will know, the drive up to here is wonderful in itself. Up past Glasgow and Dumbarton and onto the A82 that runs right by the loch.

The hills and mountains start to rise higher beside you, whilst Loch lomond itself stretches out in front and beside you. Full of the fairy-tale atmosphere that the area is known for.

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It was also lovely to arrive as the sun was setting. What a great start to a trip away!

The A82 Loch lomond

Upon entering we were made to feel extremely welcome straight away. This was to become a theme throughout the weekend. The staff are so amicable and friendly yet totally professional. I find this adds so much to the ambience when staying somewhere.

The Room and View

After a quick check in it was time to check out the room.

The bed in the room

Really warm and comfortable is the feel upon entering the room. There is plenty of quality on offer with a huge double bed with high quality linen. It was finished well and modern. I can also say the stay was very, very quiet in the room, refreshingly peaceful.

Looking out the window brought another surprise. A view across Loch Lomond, a beautiful view and gave us a glimpse of some adventures to come, both on and around the water’s edge.

mountains around Loch lomond

The Bar

It was heading towards dinner time so thought why not take the opportunity for a couple of pre meal drinks. The bar was very inviting and had plenty of choice of beer and wine, however…

The bar area

For those wanting a taste of Scotland then take a look at Mr C’s Whisky Bar! If you ever wanted to find out what your favourite dram is then here is an opportunity. There are so many varieties of whisky on offer, with tastings plus knowledgeable staff on hand to help. I am sure many people would enjoy spending time here trying a few of them out.

the whisky bar

Of course the more drinking would have to wait, there was a meal to have. There are a choice of two restaurant areas to sit in. One near the bar and one more tucked away in its own area. It is nice to have a choice of setting to be honest.

bar seating


Mr C’s restaurant runs from 5 until 9 pm so there is ample time to suit your needs. Looking through the menu I soon realised I just had to come off my Keto diet for the weekend. There were too many things I just had to try 🙂

Fresh fish produce featured highly on the menu. The recommended by a friend meal was the Fish and Chips. My word, yes you could tell the fish is fresh here but the portions are also another thing. Tip number one, do not snack heavily in the day before coming to dinner.

My favourite starter for the stay was fresh Shetland mussels. In fact they were so plentiful, you could share a whole pot together if with someone so as not to be to greedy. The sauce within was lovely. White wine, garlic, parsley and shallot cream. Yummy!

pot of Shetland mussels

On the night I went without fish and chips I decided to go for it. I love haggis and love black pudding. I am also a Lancashire lad who like a good pie. It stood to reason then I was drawn to the Haggis and Black pudding Pie, bound in a creamy peppercorn sauce. also you can go for the Cajun Chicken Burger and it certainly came with plenty of trimmings.

Haggis and Black pudding Pie

Now then, I personally am not a dessert kind of guy. But one item kept intriguing me on the menu so much I went for it on the last evening. Those of a nervous disposition look away now..

Deep Fried Millionaires Shortbread with Irn Bru Sorbet

Deep Fried Millionaires Shortbread with Irn Bru Sorbet

Oh my word. Compliments to the chef who made this work. The batter was very light and not greasy. The chocolate inside was not sickly at all and the sorbet was completely refreshing and the taste bang on. A nice cheeky treat to finish on before back to my usual keto diet. Why not, I was away enjoying myself.

Summary and Booking

I will, in articles coming up, show how the Inn on Loch Lomond is a perfect and comfortable base to explore Loch Lomond and beyond. Both on the water and beyond the shores.

I now feel my time here was too short, as often is the case. It was a wonderful place to stay and I look forward to coming here again without a doubt.

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