Longmynd House – Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

I was off on a new adventure, another great walking week with HF Holidays. This time into the heart of the Shropshire Hills and their base there is the iconic Longmynd House, overlooking the charming place of Church Stretton.

Before I get stuck into the articles on the walks we did in the area themselves I wanted to show the other side of a great week within a HF Holidays walking break. There is much more than walking the miles and seeing the sites.

DJI_0774 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

I had seen preview pics but not realised how much Longmynd House really was iconically positioned above the town. Nestled underneath the classic hills behind of Long Mynd and amongst the woodland trees. I have found that HF Holidays really do look carefully for the best accommodation buildings around the country for which to base their walking and adventure holidays, as I also showed you in the Yorkshire Dales at Newfield Hall.

I was looking forward to heading out during the week on the Shropshire Hills. A new area for me which was also wonderful, I hadn’t been here since visiting Ludlow as a child. I looked out from Longmynd House over to the views all around and realised what I have been missing!

P6072603 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

Did I mention views out and across? Well yes. On arrival I dropped my bags in the room, stepped out onto the balcony and wow, the hills were calling… as well as the swimming pool 😀

IMG_20180607_092335 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

P6042402 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

The building itself has stood since 1900 and acted as a Hydro when the town of Church Stretton was a popular spa town. Now a perfect base for days of walks and hikes and judging by the company that had booked onto this week with me I could tell it was going to be a fun and happy time.

I was excited to get out on the paths each day, so much so the songbirds woke me from my sleep one early morning and I couldn’t resist watching the early sunrise from my balcony over Church Stretton, well worth the interlude from a little rest i can tell you.

P6062510-2 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

Everything runs like clockwork on a HF walking holiday. From the moment you arrive and the brief that gives all the info you need to the staff always being on hand and helpful. First up a welcome brief and then a detailed talk about the next day’s option of walks… At this time there were 4 options for each day. Long (11-12 miles), medium (8-9 miles), shorter (5-7 miles) plus so even extra standards can enjoy the great outdoors here, a walking and sightseeing option that incorporates short walks with places of interest.

The walking guides I have met on HF Holidays are all super. They take care of the walks, your safety, your enjoyment as well as the evenings entertainment. They are volunteers who travel to the HF destinations to help make your stay and walks extra special.

P6072609 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

P6072601 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

Another treat as part of the experience is coming off the walks, getting cleaned up and having a wonderful and social 3 course meal each evening! In fact on one evening it was 5 courses as it was a local produce theme. The food each day was exactly what was needed after a day on the hills. Beautifully presented and looking around there were plenty of empty plates around the room.

IMG_20180606_195049 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

IMG_20180607_194329 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

IMG_20180605_202852 Longmynd House - Gateway To The Shropshire Hills

This standard carries on into breakfast were you have a huge range of choices to get you set up for the day, along with a packed lunch to take as full and as varied as you can imagine.

If you wish to learn more about Longmynd House and a walking HF Holiday in the area you can check it out here.

Now then, the base is sorted, next I will show you the wonderful and varied walks we went on. The Shropshire Hills, green and plentiful in what it has to offer. Stunning.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. I have booked a guided walking holiday at Church Stretton from 24th August, my first time in that area, have been an HF member for about 30 Years and yes agree with all your comments, excellent accommodation, excellent food, friendly staff, good walks, good social atmosphere. Being single I do especially hope I get a room with a good view as you did, a balcony would be perfect, My last holiday at Alnmouth had a nice room but was next to the boot room with no view, only the courtyard.

    • Hi, Great! I hope you have an amazing time! A lot of the rooms face that way. Are you able to contact and ask them specifically for a pool facing high view?

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