Walks On Crompton Moor (High Moor), Oldham

Spanning approximately 160 acres and is one of the largest open spaces run by Oldham Countryside Service and is a registered common in Greater Manchester. It has also been a site of biological importance from 2003. The coal and sandstone quarries in Brushes Clough and Pingot were halted in 1970’s and Brushes Clough Reservoir was constructed in 19th Century. Crompton Waterfall flows into Pingot Quarry from Crompton Moor and then into the River Beal. Ancient artifacts have been discovered on the moor such as a palstave from the Bronze Age.

crompton-moor-10 Walks On Crompton Moor (High Moor), Oldham

On a Sunday afternoon we like nothing better than getting out of the house and going for one of our local walks.

crompton-moor-7 Walks On Crompton Moor (High Moor), Oldham

We live in a small town called Shaw which lies on the outskirts of Oldham and Rochdale. Shaw has a lot of history with the Cotton Industry as it is situated at the edge of the Pennines which helped in the cotton production as a lot of water was needed in this process. As the rain clouds fill up they become too heavy to move over higher ground so they deposit most of their load before moving over, hence Shaw gets quite a lot of rain. That said when the sun does shine (as you can see from the photos) it can produce some quite spectacular views.

crompton-moor-6 Walks On Crompton Moor (High Moor), Oldham

The walk we do itself is approximately 3 miles long, we usually follow metalled roads from Shaw over to Denshaw and then head towards Rochdale and over Crompton Moor. The terrain at this point can become a little uneven and quite boggy so extra care is needed!

crompton-moor-9 Walks On Crompton Moor (High Moor), Oldham

At it’s peak at Crow Know (1,282 feet) it can also become abit exposed but quite exhilarating. On a clear day it is possible to see across the Cheshire plains, viewing Jodrell Bank in the distance and also the Clwydian Range in North Wales 😊

Written by Cath Hebdon

Cath lives in a small town called Shaw on the outskirts of Oldham. I work as an Admin Officer for the NHS (Pennine Care). My hobbies include Zumba, Yoga, Walking, Travelling and listening to music- I love live gigs !


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  1. Thanks for your kind reply. I was born in Shaw and lived there all my life so it is a very special place for me

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful corner of the world with everyone. Your love for this place really shines through in your images.

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