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Since my move to York I never wasted any time seeking out some great local walks. It never has to be mountains and valleys to satisfy. Walks that enable you to get some wonderful fresh air and scenery, on a whim, you know the kind I mean.

beningrough-hall-walk-9 Beningbrough Hall - Walks Around The Grounds

Not only is it the locality that drives me back time and time again to these walks but the variety en route around. One minute you are strolling by the River Ouse, then the next you are passing by beautiful meadows. Hidden pondscapes, panoramic views of the hall itself and gorgeous woodland pathways in many directions. There are plenty of open areas away from the livestock for the dog to run around too… and Bea just loves it 🙂

beningrough-hall-walk-6 Beningbrough Hall - Walks Around The Grounds

If you keep a good close lookout you can find plenty of wildlife. Oyster catchers and Curlews nesting by the River, or squirrels and birds of all types flying amongst the trees. This is one of those walks that you feel you want to do in every season.

beningrough-hall-walk-7 Beningbrough Hall - Walks Around The Grounds

I do love Autumn myself when the trees show all their varying colours and the river has the colours reflecting from a good cool sky. The walk all the way around is a lovely distance of around 2/3 miles and you can even shorten at will, perfect for family walks.

beningrough-hall-walk Beningbrough Hall - Walks Around The Grounds

beningrough-hall-walk-2 Beningbrough Hall - Walks Around The Grounds

To make a big hike of a day you can walk along the river path from York itself (approx 10 miles). Or there is plenty of parking on site. I like to visit the farm shop at the end of the walk to get some great quality meat for the week, double spoiling ourselves.

beningrough-hall-walk-4 Beningbrough Hall - Walks Around The Grounds

I shall  be writing more about the Hall itself soon on a separate post but I do need to let you know that to get where it is situated of course. The place to head to to find Beningbrough Hall is Newton-on-Ouse. It is approx 10 miles north of York on the A19 towards Thirsk. Or it is signposted from the A59 if heading from the West.

beningrough-hall-walk-8 Beningbrough Hall - Walks Around The Grounds

happy walking! 😀

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.

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