Jamaica, the Enchantress 1

When my husband and I decided to take a belated honeymoon last December we wanted an easy-to-reach tropical destination. So we chose Montego Bay, Jamaica.


I’ve found you can’t be on an island for long without taking on its unhurried rhythm.

IMG_1168 (1)jamaica

On an island, days seem to last forever—lazy mornings segue into rainy afternoons into dreamy twilight.


Lush vegetation teems with the melodic chirping of tree frogs.

IMG_1174 (1)jamaica

Water and sky meet in an endless blue broken only by an occasional cloud.


But most surprising—and spectacular—are the sunsets that hold you captive until the last flash of light slips into the sea.



Ah, Jamaica, you are an enchantress. We can’t wait to return.

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