St Lucia Pitons – A Caribbean Jewel

Of all the islands in the Caribbean, one of the most spectacular vistas is surely that of St Lucia’s volcanic ‘Pitons’ rising from the ocean. These mighty volcanic twin peaks stand in a World Heritage Site on the south-west coast of St Lucia.

The larger, Gros Piton is 771m in height; Petit Piton stands at 743m high. Viewed from the land the Pitons are majestic, viewed from the ocean they are positively mesmeric.

St Lucia - azure waters

The Caribbean is blessed with an array of beautiful low-lying islands; all with spectacular palm-fringed beaches, azure waters and beautiful sunsets that live on in the memory.

St Lucia sunset

But St Lucia is dramatically different. Unlike many of the Caribbean islands, St Lucia is volcanic and mountainous. The island is encircled with a coastline of beautiful beaches; but the interior of the island remains wild and dramatic.

BaldHiker Retreats
tropical mountains of st lucia

Running down the heart of this island is a backbone of peaks and valleys, swathed in a blanket of lush rainforest – 19,000 acres of rainforest to be exact. Like a scene from a Jurassic Park movie, it would be easy to imagine dinosaurs roaming the valleys below…

Winding roads snake around the rugged terrain, flanked by a forest of tall trees and giant ferns, which descend into deep ravines and out towards the coast.

st lucia land and sea

Banana Plantations

From higher ground, there are distant sea views across the island; and the zesty greens of banana plantations are clearly visible below the forest.

banana plantation

Bananas are huge business in St Lucia. Up close, they can be seen hanging from their branches in protective blue bags, to ensure a pristine harvest.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

The verdant Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens of St Lucia are well worth a visit. Lovingly maintained, they retain a real sense of ‘wildness’, with plants (discreetly) labelled for the visitor.

The gardens also have an impressive waterfall and natural mineral baths open to the public.

big red and green leaf

A peaceful stroll along the leafy walkways reveals a vast array of giant colourful leaves and tropical flowers; which entice birds such as hummingbirds and the rather stroppy-looking bananaquit.

bananaquit angry bird

With its spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and perfect beaches; St Lucia is a tropical paradise just waiting to be explored.

Starlight and Birdsong – A Perfect Day in St Lucia

st lucia sea at night

Living in London – a city that never sleeps – and where street lamps light up the night sky; I find myself longing to gaze at stars twinkling on a pitch-black velvet sky.

Star gazing in St Lucia proved a treat for the senses. On a beach in near darkness I watched the stars whilst listening to the sound of the waves lapping the shore. On a slow-shutter speed, my camera revealed the clouds that I could not see.

palm tree and the moon

As the breeze rustled the palm leaves above me, I could see familiar star constellations – like Orion’s belt – lighting up the dark night sky. Sipping local rum, in a warm night breeze – I could feel city stresses melting away. It was soon time to sleep.

The next morning was filled with tropical colour to awaken the senses. Beautiful pink bougainvillea – flowers within flowers – in huge bushes; set against a perfect backdrop of a blue sky and gentle fluffy clouds.


Amid the flowers, a gaggle of rowdy blackbirds were chattering excitedly – breakfast was soon to be served. Despite the best efforts of waiting staff, restaurant tables were systematically (and comically) pillaged by these nimble, winged invaders – who were after just one thing, Sugar

blackbird st lucia

Back in the trees with their stolen sachets, it was amusing to watch the mixture of concentration and bliss on their faces as they battled to open the paper and then enjoy the sweet crystals.

sparkling sea

The day was spent looking out over a sparkling sea. It was a chance to relax and recharge; to be invigorated and healed by the beauty and sounds of the ocean.

sunset St lucia

As the sun began to set, I noticed the leaves were silhouette hearts against the sun.

heart on sandy beach

It’s easy to see why people fall in love with the place. I love St Lucia

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  1. Draft letters says:

    Lovely post & some things are like i am in srilanka

  2. Marianna Paulson says:

    I noticed a St. Lucia package on one of the travel sites I belong to. Then, I saw a tweet for this blog post. St. Lucia is calling!

    Thanks for your fabulous photos which strengthen my resolve to go.

  3. Sofia Rhodes says:

    Sarah, I always wanted to visit Caribbean Island, but couldn’t get through. By seeing your pictures, I finally planned to visit and will definitely upload some great pictures.

  4. just spectacular sceneries there.

  5. Of all the Caribbean islands, St. Lucia has always been one I’d visit first should I get a chance to. Those are some gorgeous photos you took and I’d have to agree with you in regards to the Jurassic Park reference. That was the first thought that popped up in my mind! *plays theme song in head*

  6. Barefoot Holidays DMC St. Lucia says:

    Lovely post & stunning pictures 🙂 Thank you for sharing the beauty of our island!

  7. What an amazing island! The view of the two Pitons is truly breathtaking. I can imagine myself drifting on a boat, washed away by the waves into the shore of the island while enjoying the magnificent vista before me.

  8. Sugar Beach Residences says:

    What a lovely read! It’s nice to see you mention the wild and dramatic terrain and not just the idyllic beaches, we believe our rain-forest is what makes St Lucia so unique.

  9. We have that plant with giant colorful leaves at home. I think it’s a variety of Croton.

  10. Sarah Rees says:

    Thank you! I want to go back again already…. 🙂

  11. Have been four times, it never ceases to delight, beautiful island.

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