Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. A beautiful mountainous part of the world. Stunning yet wonderfully quiet, especially so early Spring when I was there recently. Snow still on the peaks quite low, but temperatures hitting 20 degrees celsius. A combination that creates gorgeous scenes, plus every day a joy to get out on foot. Within just a short walking distance of where I was staying in Žabljak was Black Lake, I had heard so much about it, time to see for myself.

20150505_1038221 Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

I was here remember as part of a challenge. To explore the area, hike and travel without any luggage. This walk was easy enough though to get going. From the town of Žabljak it is only a 3km walk, all relatively flat. We must not forget that Žabljak is at an altitude already of nearly 1500 m. The highest town in the Balkans.

20150505_1017111 Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

20150505_1110371 Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

Walking through the spruce Black Lake itself is hidden from view on the approach, nestled within the trees at the foot of Međed Peak. But, as soon as you turn that last bend, the trees clear and a sense of wow certainly does set in. What beauty, what a setting!

20150505_1104511 Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

Black Lake is a glacial lake, well I say lake in the singular sense, but it is actually 2 that apart from summer are combined with volume of water. The colours radiating from the clear water with the reflections of treelines and snow capped mountains was truly special. It was so quiet and peaceful.

20150505_1032031 Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

There were hikers on their way to the mountain trails, a couple of swimmers getting some invigoration and a few families enjoying some time by the waters edge. Not crowded, still peaceful, easy to find a spot to relax and look out all to yourself. There is a walk all around the lake that is less than 4 km. Perfect for a great stroll in a great setting.

20150505_070519-11 Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

Now then, after that great initial refreshment of fresh air it was time to acquire some supplies. Bigger hikes and adrenaline adventures to follow in these mountains. Not having luggage was not going to stop me 🙂

Written by Paul Steele

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