Among Elephants in Kenya


I have always loved elephants and my dream was to go see them where they belong in their homes. 16 days in Kenya with 5 day private safari… Plans were made with every detail of the safari carefully planned. A birthday treat!

IMG_8399-africa Among Elephants in Kenya

Amboseli was a dream come true.. seeing Mount Kilimanjaro at sun rise was amazing, shriek of amaz with elephants in the horizon, elephants in our lodge garden, roaming around, and me in awe, I must admit the odd shriek of amazement came out.
One of my most magical moments was seeing a 2 week old baby elephant with its mum, as tears rolled down my cheeks with sheer delight I was overjoyed watching their magical moments together.

IMG_8406-africa Among Elephants in Kenya
Another tear jerking moment was when 2 elephants saw each other from a far and then moved towards each other and when they were close entwined their trunks around each others
Seeing elephants so close, beside our jeep eyeing us up and clearly giving us the once over. At Shimba Hills, wow what a place, we had an elephant start to charge our jeep, however amazing thanks to our driver who was one step ahead and had already started moving us on. Phew!

IMG_5399-africa Among Elephants in Kenya
Salt Lick was magical, beyond my wildest dream of paradise, turrets appearing on the horizon as we approached, seeing where we would stay in turrets with many wild animals wandering below….. a tunnel from the lodge reception took us under ground to where we could be at eye level with the ground, wire keeping u so close with nature and the wild.
Tsavo East and Tsavo West was more magical moments, elephants wherever I looked.

IMG_5437-africa Among Elephants in Kenya
To be so close to nature in the environment where they belong was amazing, to be able to go into their homes was beyond my wildest dream where my memories stay and be cherished forever…….

IMG_5370-africa Among Elephants in Kenya



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