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Views of Margate – A Kent seaside town

Margate… a small, run down seaside town in Thanet, England? some may see it as a blotch on the Kentish landscape, but others (myself included) see it as place of inspiration, creative opportunity and development.

Views of Margate – A Kent seaside town

Margate’s regeneration has mostly been shaped by the Turner Contemporary, which forges a link between JMW Turner and the town. Turner himself certainly found Margate inspiring and even described Thanet skies as ‘the loveliest in all of Europe’.

Views of Margate – A Kent seaside town

Having lived in Margate for eight years, I can confirm… he was not wrong.

Views of Margate – A Kent seaside town

Views of Margate – A Kent seaside town

The Old Town sector of Margate has been given new life. It is now home to galleries, retro style shops and cafés… a little hub of culture in seemingly desolate surroundings. But I have always thought that even there, there is a melancholic beauty.

Views of Margate – A Kent seaside town

The derelict parts of Margate appeal to the romantic in me; the ghostly ruins of The Lido, of Dreamland (which is now in the process of being redeveloped) and the Scenic Railway, now overgrown, serve as a reminder of happier past times when Margate was a thriving seaside resort, and perhaps it will be again.

Views of Margate – A Kent seaside town

No one can deny that Margate is on the cusp of change; it’s up and coming, and for that reason I think it is an exciting place to be.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of BaldHiker. An avid hiker and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new Travels and adventures in Britain and around the world. Sharing personal views and stories here and tweeting live via @paul_steele


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  1. I have family in Margate and I love the town, there is plenty could be done to improve certain areas, but its charms are many and what is happening there will slowly convert the more run down elements back to their glory days. Just need to get rid of the eyesore that is the tanning place on the beach front 🙂

  2. I loved Margate when I walked through it on my round-the-coast walk. It was a bank holiday and beach was crowded, Turner Contemporary was spectacular, and the abandoned areas had a faded charm. I could live there quite happily.

  3. “7 miles of glorious sands” was the way Margate was described back in the day. The sands are still there but the infastructure has gone. If you excuse the pun, the Turner Centre is just a drop in the ocean.

  4. Margate brings back great memories of a boarding school I attended in Ramsgate many years ago. Cold winters in our Victorian era school…. but great parties and romantic sunsets! Yes, how about some news of Ramsgate now…

  5. Beautiful photos, Sadie. I just saw “The Invisible Woman,” partly set in Margate. Lots of shots of Felicity Jones walking on a vast beach. Do you know if it was actually filmed in Margate? I wondered if it might be Holkham, standing in.

    • Hi Rhiannon thanks for the comment. I’m not aware of the Invisible Woman being partly filmed in Margate, and as it is a fairly recent film I’m sure I would’ve heard about it if that was the case! looks like they may have just taking the easy option here and filmed on the nearest beach! 🙂 there has been plenty been filmed in Margate over the last year though, including TV comedy ‘Edge of Heaven’ and a new campaign awareness film ‘Gaslighting’.

  6. Lovely review of the changes of Margate. Great photography too. Ever considered taking snaps of Ramsgate? Some great views.

    • Thanks for your comment! I have taken some passing snaps of Ramsgate, but I may take your advice and head back for a proper explore of the place this summer. I hear there’s a great walk along Pegwell Bay.

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