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I am a planner. Every weekend is booked out months in advance; I live by my to-do list and my holiday quota for 2014 is already full. It’s safe to say there’s little room in my life for a spontaneous adventure – a shameful admission.

The aforementioned is exactly why I was so excited to ditch the diary and experience a weekend in the life of a Spontaneity Champion.

What is a Spontaneity Champion I hear you cry? A Spontaneity Champion is one lucky person, chosen by lastminute.com, who will get up to £50,000’s worth of lastminute.com activities and experiences in 2014, to live a life truly spontaneous. They could rock up to a posh London hotel one Wednesday night or book a trip to Berlin for the weekend ahead. Imagine the possibilities! Imagine the to-do list burning…

My week ends how it always does in a flurry of emails and a sigh of relief. But, rather than sticking to the plan and seeing a friend I’ve neglected for a while, I’ve got my hands on some Phantom of the Opera tickets at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Sitting in my seat, glass of prosecco in hand (which I somehow manage to spill all over myself), I experience the forgotten thrill of waiting in a darkened theatre for the curtain to lift. The show is beyond spectacular. The crystal clear, ridiculously powerful vocals are mesmerising and the staging is seamless. For three, magical hours I am transported from Piccadilly Circus and into the world of the Phantom – dizzying, colourful displays, against a heart-wrenchingly dark backdrop. By the time the applause has settled down, I’ve already confirmed it as the best show I’ve ever seen.


Saturday brings my hundredth bowling defeat, but the cheesy, all-American backdrop of All Star Lanes means I don’t care one bit. This is followed by an incredible meat-feast at Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton. A blue cheese and bacon burger, mac and cheese on the side and pecan pie finishes me off, but does it in style.

By Sunday, I am in need of a bit of relaxation. But with the flexibility to book whatever I want from lastminute.com’s huge number of experiences, relaxation is easy to find. What a Spontaneity Champion wants, a Spontaneity Champion gets.

The Montcalm Hotel boasts a beautiful little spa, tucked away from bustling Oxford Street. I arrive to soft slippers and a very welcoming reception. I spend a luxurious few hours lounging in the steam room and sauna and cooling off in the monsoon shower. Next comes an incredible Indian Head massage, which is deceivingly named as even my feet get a rub, in a blend of essential oils I picked myself. Heaven.


After one weekend, I am completely sold on the concept of living life more spontaneously – the lack of planning is exciting and allows you to do exactly what you feel like in the moment. Maybe I won’t get a 2014 diary after all…


Disclaimer: Phantom of the Opera and the Montcalm Hotel spa experience were provided by my client lastminute.com, the thoughts, opinions and words are absolutely all mine.

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