The Northern Serengeti is dominated by woodland, and during the heaving rains it seems virtually empty. Rain is heavy and you can hear and feel the storm clouds overhead stimulating the migration to the North. The landscape is a lush green and animals appear, disappear, and reappear within a moments notice. In an instant a leopard jumps onto a low tree branch and settles. Staring into the thicket below watching intently as her mate approaches.

maraboustork Tantalizing Tanzania

The long rains create dramatic landscapes. Even a less photogenic Marabou stork can look graceful against the intense East African sky.

maraboustork2 Tantalizing Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro

The crown jewel of Tanzania… Mount Kilimanjaro. Set high in cloud cover she shows herself only briefly, still covered in snow.

Kilimanjaro Tantalizing Tanzania


The magic of Tanzania is safari. Breathtaking landscapes cover the country. Here is a special sundowner, at Klein’s Camp, Serengeti.

Sundowners Tantalizing Tanzania

As darkness falls, Tanzania comes alive once again!

Leopard2 Tantalizing Tanzania