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Maui – Flying High in Paradise

After a good long long flight the feeling of landing in the paradise that is Maui soon takes away any tiredness. Gorgeousness everywhere, being on the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands gave me the motivation to adventure and explore rather than rest. Perfect!

PhotoPanoMaui Maui – Flying High in Paradise

And the first day was straight at it. Up in the air above and within the island taking in some adventure fun. What better way to start than by going up the slopes of one the Maui volcanoes and paragliding down with a great first view of the paradise, trees and coast below. Was incredible! In tandem attached to one of the great pilots from Proflyght Paragliding you soar, twist and turn through the air and think WOW! Even did a spiral dive to get some adrenalin and G forces working. Wanted to go again and again. Oh and again 🙂

maui1-188 Maui – Flying High in Paradise

maui1-194 Maui – Flying High in Paradise

maui1-198 Maui – Flying High in Paradise

After that was a different kind of soaring and all the same fun. Ziplining with Skyline Eco-Adventures. Through the trees, down the side of the volcano. Five ziplines, starting gently to get the feel but by the end you swing along one of the fastest ziplines in the US for hundreds of feet. Oh and did I say in the middle there is the fun of crossing a suspension foot bridge? 😉 The instructors/guides even take the time to teach you about the local Maui birds and tree species and what is being done to conserve them.

maui1-210 Maui – Flying High in Paradise

JD Andrews (@earthXplorer) flying through the trees

maui1-215 Maui – Flying High in Paradise

After a day of flying around it was back to the gorgeous leisure of the hotel. The Fairmont Kea Lani. Paradise within the paradise. Set right on the ocean it was time to rest on the ocean view balcony, watching and listening to the waves crash ashore. Of course after a rest there was a want to explore the hotel more and every thing I saw exclamated the attention to detail, service, views and feeling of pinching yourself that you are really here? Bliss!

maui1-219 Maui – Flying High in Paradise

maui1-225 Maui – Flying High in Paradise

The food? well, if you want a gorgeous adventure for your tastebuds and learn what people like to eat in Maui then you cannot go wrong here. From seafood to local farmed beef I must thank the Executive chef Tylum Pang and the staff for the excellence.

What a first day… Many days to go too! Tomorrow is a water day. A bit of Kite Surfing through to a sunset sail with cocktails. Cannot wait!

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele


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  1. Hi Paul, I have just added Maui to my “must visit” destination list! 🙂 What a beautiful and serene place. I think I would be rather relaxed after a holidaying there…lol. BTW – great pictures!

  2. Stunning! I’m scared of heights but I’m realizing that to be an adventurer one must test their limits. I think I’m missing out on a part of life not thinking about the wonderful experiences and highs that come with traveling to such heights and places. Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventures with us, Paul.

    You are inspiring.

  3. What a Beautiful place to spend Your 40th Birthday! I'm sure that it's a Birthday You will remember forever! Thanks for Sharing this journey, and Your Special Day, with All of us!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed these pictures. They are so neat from up above. What an adventure!

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