yorkshire 3 peaks group walking

Magnificent! That is the feeling I get when I do this walk and the feeling you get when you complete it. I enjoy it so much that I come back to do again every 3 months.  Each time is just as enjoyable as the last and the varying seasons make it a wonder on the eyes, as well as feet/legs.

The official Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge, means to complete the circular walk of 25 miles (40 km) within 12 hours.  However on route you must go up and down the summits of 3 peaks, Pen-y-ghent (694m), Whernside (736m) and Ingleborough (723m).  As well of lots of climbing and descents there is of course the large distances between them.  This ground is famous for being boggy, rugged or rocky.  A little bit of everything.

No matter what the weather holds you still have the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and the Ribble Valley around you, plus over the years I have had the pleasure of being joined by wonderful friends and family on this day long adventure.  This photo slideshow can only show some idea of it’s beauty and distance.  I look forward to my next visit and maybe you want a challenge?

The feet know you’ve done it, the legs will tell you they’ve done something, but, totally satisfying!

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – A Splendid Stroll 1

If you want to join in my next 3 peaks then it will be in December.  Let me know.

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  1. Avatar of Lisa Yallamas Lisa Yallamas says:

    Gorgeous scenery – was that a Roman stone bridge? Lovely photos Paul. Thanks.

  2. Avatar of Anita Nelson Anita Nelson says:

    Absolutely breathtaking~!!! Almost like a dream… I think I may watch it again like Joyce =)

  3. Avatar of Ryan McDonough Ryan McDonough says:

    When are you planning in december?

  4. Simply beautiful! I would love to roll on the green slopes …definitely 🙂

  5. Gorgeous and beautiful Sir paul 🙂

  6. Avatar of Joyce Cherrier Joyce Cherrier says:

    I watched the video twice. I think you all walked across a bit of heaven. Awesome Paul!

  7. Avatar of Marilyn Terrell Marilyn Terrell says:

    I love the images, the music, the lack of narration, the 24-hour challenge among friends, and the utterly spectacular scenery. Thanks, Paul, and congratulations.

  8. Avatar of Clement Yeung Clement Yeung says:

    This is the ULTIMATE hike for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. It's the first serious hike I did and I'll happily do it again. Even more of a challenge in Winter.

    I totally recommend this to anyone wanting to get out and explore the expansive Yorkshire countryside.

  9. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments. Yes would be great to have some great people as yourselves in my December return.
    Gina, I do find it perfect training. Prior to Mera we will be back to doing it in under 8 hours.. Gives you the confidence to just go climb anywhere arduous 🙂

  10. Avatar of Gina SuuperG Stark Gina SuuperG Stark says:

    Only 12 hours?!? That is quite the pace for 25 miles…egads! I think I, umm….have other engagements in December 😀 – no really, I would love it and it would be awesome training. From your lovely photos, the countryside would definitely instill me with energy and enthusiasm, which are a requirements for my feet and respiratory system. Cheers! G

  11. Paul,
    Thanks so much for sharing your photos. We walked the Cleveland Way last year and absolutely loved it. You peaked (pardon the pun) my curiosity as regards the Three Peaks. Our recent walk from Leamington Spa to Kenilworth Castle along the canals (and back again) was lovely, but little can beat rugged, unspoilt Yorkshire landscapes.
    All the best,

  12. Avatar of Kev Castle Kev Castle says:

    Paul, looks tough but worth it. If I'm fit enough I may join you in December!!

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