Molokai – A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure 1

In the Maui County of Hawaii sits Molokai, the fifth largest of the Hawaiian Islands (38 miles long and 10 miles wide). So much slower than Maui itself in a truly great way and the people there have a way of life that seems so so happy and welcoming. They really care about what is around them and everyone has that happy, positive feel about them. I have already posted about the famous Leper Colony and sea cliffs hidden on the North coast, but beauty is everywhere on this isle so next… the waters of the South coast, home to the largest fringe reef in the US!

Even first thing in the morning as the sun rises the views from Hotel Molokai are stunning. The sun rises out to the East bringing pink and purple to the sky, casting gorgeous shadows on the ocean. The view across to between Molokai and Lanai is something I could not get enough of, has to be seen.

Molokai - A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

Molokai - A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

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Molokai - A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

Then we were treated to an exhilarating and adventurous experience. Kayaking 8 – 10 miles of the coast along the reef itself. Clare from Molokai Outdoors met us by the shore and set us up. All was ready in no time. She even brought her waterproof camera and I thank her kindly for the pictures below.

Paddling away down this quiet coast it is so easy to forget about time, geography and worries. All you can see above and below water is beauty. Looking around you see the likes of Maui and Lanie rising up in green and brown landcapes. Blue skies everywhere with the odd cloud causing rainbows to reach down to the ocean. Below you have clear turquoise and blue waters revealing white sand and colorful corals as you move along over. What makes it even more special is the traffic.. No not other people or boats as we saw none, but sea turtles. Their giant bodies floating elegantly by you as you move by.

Molokai - A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

Molokai - A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

Molokai - A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

Molokai - A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

The distance may seem long on paper but honestly with all the things around you plus surf helping you along it actually leaves you wanting more. Thanks so much for the experience Molokai Outdoors. When I come back I will definately be coming for lots more time on the water! Perhaps even the canoe paddling 😀

Molokai - A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

Time for a cool beer 🙂

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  1. Paul Steele says:

    Wow! I would love to go back at whale time.. Must have been truly amazing

  2. Bret @ Green Global Travel says:

    Thanks for the story/photos: I've been to the Big Island several times, but never read or heard much about Molokai. One of my favorite Hawaii memories was when we went out in a traditional outrigger canoe for the morning. We were probably no more than a mile out when a massive humpback whale and its baby surfaced no more than 50 yards from us. It was pretty spectacular!

  3. @yumivore says:

    Serene, tranquil, amazing morning colors and how incredible to catch the sunrise while on the water. Beautiful!

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