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On a beautiful sunny Sunday, we set off to walk the Mahinepua Peninsula Track, described as one of the best coastal walks in Northland. It is only a short walk, 3km one way but what it lacks in distance it makes up for with stunning rugged coastal scenery from the first step to the last.

This linear walk takes about two hours to complete, however you can easily spend the entire day stopping to enjoy the dramatic views, searching for shells on one of the beautiful golden or black sand beaches, picnicking in a sheltered cove or cooling off with a dip in the clear blue ocean. 

beach on Mahinepua Peninsula Track

The walk begins at Mahinepua Beach, a pretty, secluded sandy cove, that is accessed via a single road.  The road is not serviced by any tourist or public transport, so it really is an oasis of calm and a road less travelled. On a glorious Sunday in the New Zealand summer, we only bumped into a couple of other walkers along the way. 

The trail starts on the left-hand side of the beach as you face the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.  There is a small section of gravel road at the start of the walk but turn around at this point for a sweeping view back towards the beach.  The road gently meanders uphill leading onto a grassy path to reach the track which winds its way along the coastline, offering panoramic views of the surrounding islands and the endless expanse of the sea. 

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track on the Mahinepua Peninsula Track

As you make your way along the narrow path, you are rewarded with picture perfect views that just keep on coming. 

view on the Mahinepua Peninsula Track new zealand

The first short climb of this undulating path then leads down to a small, picturesque beach with a lovely, sheltered cove; a great first stop off for a swim or mooch on the golden sand. 

beach on the Mahinepua Peninsula

Back on the track, the path becomes steeper but wooden steps have been built into the vertical climb up and over several headlands.   

steep steps up

The steps add a great visual to the walk along the spine of the peninsula and allow you the opportunity to stop regularly whilst you take in the dramatic views of the stunning coastline on both sides of the promatory; rugged hills, rocky pools and dark waters to the left with sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and calm bays to the right.    

sea view

As you reach the top of the steep steps the vistas make the climb worthwhile and you are greeted with amazing, far-reaching views to the Bay of Islands, and far south over the Cavalli Islands to Cape Brett. 

The path to the navigational trig point meanders closely along the edge all the way allowing you to take in the wild beauty of the native bush track with beautiful blooming manuka and kanuka trees juxtaposed with the stunning coastal views.   

tree by the sea

Take a moment to catch your breath and sit at the bench to soak up the natural beauty that surrounds you. 

bench on the Mahinepua Peninsula Track

The path continues, heading gently downhill before a slight climb to the trig.  A sign warns walkers not to proceed right up to the trig as the path can be hazardous at times. Set against the blue sky the wooden structure offers a wonderful visual contrast to the natural scenery and this marks the turnaround point of the walk. 

Mahinepua Peninsula Track trig

The walk back on the same path continues to be a joy; more downhill than uphill, the views are just as breathtaking a second time.  

steps down

For such a short walk, the rewards are huge. This walk takes you through a gloriously diverse landscape of lush native bush, sandy beaches, and rugged cliffs, rich with colour – turquoise waters, azure blue sky, tropical greenery and golden sands, showcasing the natural beauty of New Zealand’s North Island at its best.

us on the Mahinepua Peninsula Track

The Mahinepua Walk is a journey of discovery and wonder, a chance to immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of New Zealand’s coastal wilderness.

steps and the view

With every step, you are reminded of the power and majesty of the natural world. 

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