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The Kitty Café in Nottingham City Centre on Friar Lane, just a stone’s throw from Nottingham Castle is a super spot to relax with a coffee or a tea and a bite to eat while interacting with the resident cat population. A must for all cat lovers, these are wonderfully cared for cats that are all vet checked neutered and ready for their forever loving homes. Some have needed extra care and veterinary attention before being well and healthy enough for adoption, money raised through the café pays for the care of these gorgeous felines.

Kitty Café - A Feline Experience in Nottingham 2

Kitty Café - A Feline Experience in Nottingham 3

There are stringent rules to abide by on entering the Kitty Cat Café for the welfare of the cats which I wholeheartedly agree with. On my visit with my daughter they had 27 cats throughout the sprawling café with hiding places and walkways for them to explore and hampers full of toys galore, some of the cats would come and go on a self-service kind of basis, hunting through the hamper basket to find favourite toys and of course guests are welcome to pick out toys to interact with the cats.

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Some of the cats are still uncertain of their surroundings and it’s better to let them come to you for attention and not let them feel cornered, such is the temperament of cats, they need affection on their terms. I loved the environment set up for the cats here, so many high places for them and cozy corners. The seating is relaxed with sofas, cozy chairs and cushions and one rule that is the same in our house, if a cat is occupying a chair, you don’t disturb it. You will be found a suitable place to sit for your group when you enter, my daughter and I had high backed velvet chairs beside a water feature. Just purrfect!

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We ordered a latte and an iced mochachino with a couple of paninis to start our Sunday with a positive boost before we began shopping in the city. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the cat activities while having lunch, they’re so interesting to watch as they interact with each other and climb the castle tower in the centre or chase about. My main problem was not being able to adopt one, so many adorable cat characters each with their own sweet personality. Some positively bursting with energy and bouncy vibes and others on the shy side that watched from up high or interreacted on their own terms, gentle and sweet.

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There’s plenty of merchandise too, just right for kitty lovers. I bought a keyring cat, the spiting image of our youngest cat, Little Gem, our calico and white girl. I was tempted by so many lovely items and knowing that the profits help these beautiful rescue cats was extra motivation, but I was on a budget and still shopping to be done.

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Kitty Café - A Feline Experience in Nottingham 8

I have a love for animals, which is probably obvious by now and we have quite a lot of pets of our own at home, which is why I’m not in a position to adopt, we already have 7 cats amongst the rest of our pets. The Kitty Café was a lovely experience for me, and I always advocate if you are looking for an addition to the family, the best way to discover your new, BFF, best furry friend is to always adopt. There are so many animals in need of a loving forever home, you just need to look in the right places. My message is to adopt rescue pets when you’re looking for a forever addition to the family, there are so many wonderful pets waiting for a loving home, rescue centres are a source of such deserving and lovable animals.

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Kitty Café - A Feline Experience in Nottingham 10

The Kitty Café and rescue centre also has a café in Leeds if that’s closer to your location and If you, like me, love kitties and enjoy a coffee it’s a plus plus situation! 😊

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