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Subscription services for a whole range of products are becoming more and more popular. One area that I personally have been interested in the last couple of years is grooming. Due to my being of course bald in the main I do have to shave my head very regularly. This brings its own problems with the skin being different to the chin and neck area. For the head not any old razor will do, believe me I have tried a lot. Plus I am now growing a beard out to see how far I can go, and that needs all the help I can get!

If you like what you see here and would like to try the products then there is a BaldHiker discount coupon lower in this article 🙂

For transparency, I was already using grüum products before and liking them lots, some of the items below were sent for me to test separately and I now use regularly through choice.

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The Concept

I started using the grüum razor at first myself because of one thing, I was sick of paying what is getting on for £15 – £20 for a pack of 8 razor blades (from well known, heavily marketed brands), and they did not last long at all due to me shaving head and face together.

grüum took this thought and created products that are built for purpose so to speak, simple and yet very effective. Plus the items are way below the cost of the so called big brands. If you look at the branding they have taken a very Scandinavian feel to it all, looking fresh, smart and simple again. The scents I will go into later also, but rest assured they compliment the task and purpose perfectly in my opinion.

There are of course other grooming subscription grooming services yet the first one I looked at told me that their razors are not suitable for anything other than the face!

With grüum you start by answering questions on what you would like to do and they give suggestions with their products. You can then either tailor your own monthly subscription order with the items coming through the post each month, or you can even buy items individually as one offs as you would in a shop etc. Anyway, I will detail some of the products I have been using below, to give you an idea.

gruum razor

The Razor

The razor was the initial clincher for me. As I say I am normally shaving my full head and face on a regular basis. I may be follically challenged and proud of it but if I did not shave my head it would not take long to gain a Friar Tuck look. You know the one, long back and sides and bald on top.

The oska razor handle is a matter of form and style. Not the flimsy thin plastic handles we are accustomed to. I couple this with the precision 6 heads (5 blades plus trimmer), but you can also get others including the 3 blade ‘comfort’ cartridges that if on repeat order cost from just £1.50.

The thing is, believe me I am old enough to know that most razor blades, when shaving my head and face, last me just a week max. The reason I stuck to grüum? I now have blades that last well over 3 weeks without cutting. And they cut really clean and sharp too. More cost cutting done 🙂

razor 5 blades close up

I use in conjunction with the danne shave gel. love the smell on this, it really is refreshing and makes you feel really clean shaven. It does not clog in the razor too which I am sure you know is a big thing.

Cleansing and Moisturising Products

I will be honest, up until a few years ago I never used any skin products at all really. I let myself weather in the great outdoors. Now older and wiser, a little, I tend to dry up in the face during the Winter months. So have now started getting more into the grüum cleansing range. I do find that all the products compliment each other for use and smell so did not want to mix and match.

gruum skin and face care range

Many face washes on the market go crazy with the little beads inside that make you feel you are washing yourself with sand! With this kori they are there but feel enough to do the job. Again the scents are a purpose. Aloe Vera plus witch hazel does the wonders whilst accompanied by the fresh scents of orange and eucalyptus.

The daily moisturiser wakes me up in the morning with the freshness, never mind not giving me the rash that other makes give me.

Plus for that extra punch I spray and rub the facial tonic that you can feel working with the first drop.

Beard Care

Now then, a new world for me. I have generally kept myself clean shaven for most of my life so, out of curiosity I am going through a phase of letting the beard grow out and see how far I can get. Yes, in the first weeks and months there are plenty of challenges for sure. The ‘big itch’ as the hair starts growing out, the absolute untidyness of it all as you patiently wait before trimming.

grüum has a range of products that can help and again the purpose and scents come to the fore. No gimmicks!

gruum beard care products

I soon found that normal shampoo and conditioner is a no no. The hair on the chin is different to the hair on my head (or was on my head a long time ago). Normal hair wash was making my beard too coarse somehow. The special beard wash here called bård has the more natural oils that are better for beard hair, and yes, that fresh orange is back with rosemary as an addition.

Beard oil has been my life, or should I say beard saver. That itching, damn that itching! Beard oil is a must to get through this and beyond. It also helps me train it through the growing period. My favourite smell of the selection on offer? Patchouli and Sandalwood! Love woody smells.


Having been satisfied with the above I am now ready to amend my subscription whilst saving a lot over time too. If you are not happy with your shaving and grooming products or are sick of paying through the nose for these things then my honest and personal opinion is give these a try. There is never any pressure to buy more than you need plus you can try individual items too.

There is a plan for all, at your schedule and it is flexible so you can pause or cancel at any time.

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If you want to try then the above coupon code can be used on subscriptions, gift sets or one off purchases. Just enter the code at checkout on the grüum site after a look around.

Happy grüuming

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