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Clumber park is a sprawling, 3,800 acres (15 km²) country park near Worksop in Nottinghamshire. The lake alone covers around 87 acres (352,000 m²) and is a popular circuit for walking, cycling or running. On route as a bonus there’s a coffee stop or an ice-cream along the way, it’s a lovely way to relax. The serpentine lake originally took 15 years to build.   I love a good stroll and I most of all like to explore and have an adventure,  at Clumber park there’s lots to see and do, there’s an enormous expanse of woodland and heathland to ramble through, the beautiful serpentine lake to stroll around to your hearts content and plenty of places to have an adventure, that is why I keep coming back time and time again.

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 2

Clumber was owned by the Dukes of Newcastle for over three centuries and was used as a hunting estate in the 18th century, also being a part of the mighty Sherwood forest, I can imagine the park has many tales to tell.

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 3

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The walled garden is a special wonderland in my eyes, I guess that’s because I have such an imagination, to me walking through a beautifully planted and cared for walled garden is like stepping through a magic door and finding another world, “The Secret Garden” comes to mind. We bought some unusual varieties of seeds while visiting the walled garden on one of our visits and it’s been fun watching the sunflowers grow and bloom, the blue pumpkins are flourishing too.

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Clumber park has the second largest collection of rhubarb in Europe! Now that’s a lot of rhubarb…Rhubarb crumble, rhubarb pie, rhubarb wine? Hehe!

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 5

The long-range greenhouse is 450ft (130m) and is the longest greenhouse in the care of the National Trust. It must be seen to be appreciated, believe me. The greenhouse has an extensive collection of gardening tools on display, showing how the gardeners would have tended the crops through the ages and is the full length of the gardens,  divided into 13 sections.

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 6

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 7

One gem that should not be missed out on a visit to Clumber park is for sure, the grade I listed Church of St Mary, my photos don’t do the exquisite detailing of the church full justice but I hope are a little insight to the beauty and wonder of this tranquil haven.

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 8

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 9

There’s a peaceful aura here as you generally find inside a church but I’m also in awe of the decorative architecture, the splendid stained-glass windows and fantastic detailed carvings. I could spend an absolute age inside the Church of St Mary just in quiet contemplation. I always put a donation in the box out of respect for this gorgeous and carefully kept church, it’s a real pleasure to experience such a lovely location. It’s no wonder it is grade I listed by English Heritage as a building of outstanding architectural and historical interest.

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 10

Rambling and wandering here is an easy-going affair especially with the dogs in tow, another great reason to stop by for a day trip here. The dogs are in their element here! Open spaces galore, water for swimming, woodland paths and grassland for galloping, what more could a dog want? Walkies are fun times, even if we want to disappear out of the way and find a quiet little space all our own, it’s easy as pie.

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 11

Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems 12

A picnic basket is always a perfect addition to a trip out at Clumber park, it’s easy to find a quiet location for a family picnic and we often do, with the addition of Frisbees and ball games. Dogs or no dogs, picnic or not we return to explore and have adventures through the generations and make many a memory. 😊

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