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Staithes – A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

Why Staithes? My first thoughts when I hear of Staithes, on the North Yorkshire Coast, are of painters (the artist kind) and rooftops and boats and seagulls. Fish and chips! Crashing waves and moody paintable skies, which merge into one another, and you can’t tell where the sky begins and the sea ends. Gulls swooping and dive bombing looking for their morning snack or ready to steal a chip! 

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

I had seen lots of colourful paintings in art galleries and in books and had added Staithes to my bucket list many moons ago. An artists heaven. Having never ventured along the North coast myself, I knew one day the time would be right and if I was going to do it would have to be sooner rather than later. I’d been putting it off for far too long. I’d heard that Up North has the best light,ever changing skies …

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

Now was the time to get it ticked off my wish list! We were going to the pretty coastal village nestled in the hillside creeping down towards the what once was very busy fishing harbour. So many rooftops all merging together angling this way and that. Nooks and crannies. Pavements twisting around this corner and that corner. Lots of new experiences to explore ! Woohoo!!! 

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

Staithes is north along the coast from Whitby. It may remind you of the other beautiful and pretty fishing village the other south of Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay.

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

I’ve always loved the ocean for as long as I can remember. My dad’s naval days and being born in Portsmouth (naval town) brought up near the ocean city that is Plymouth, may have something to do with my love for the coast, and the real need to be by it.At least two or three times a year It calls to me, like a magnet and I have to pack up and go ! Usually I head down to Cornwall where my mum is so I get to visit and kill two birds with one stone so to speak! 

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

I’m a keen would be/amateur artist and have been influenced and inspired by so many professional  artists that have painted the village of Staithes. So I thought its time I checked out this coastal hidden gem for myself ! I love photography too, and this would be a great chance to take some nice pics with a view of painting over the winter months.

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

Christmas was over and all visitors had finally left and the house was still once more. My holidays had been booked at work. So it was just a case of going on to last and seeing what was available! Snapped up a dog friendly cottage for three nights. Perfect.

Excited to head off for a new year adventure to pastures new I packed some woollies and wellies and set off. Quite a pleasant road trip heading North from East Midlands up the M1 and only a two hour and fifty minute journey (NOT far at all and uphill all the way!)

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

The sat nav continued to take us through the beautiful North Yorkshire moors. Spectacular scenery (I made a mental note to self that I must return and explore this area in the future) Quite by accident we stopped off at a very pretty place with a river running through it, Marton. Perfect I thought for Daisy to have a stretch and do her doggie business.

Turns out it was the birth place of Captain Cook ( made another mental note to self to return here one-day)  A very tempting cafe was on the corner but I was too excited to get to the coast before dusk so back on the road and not too far to go now! 

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

Parking in Staithes is understandably limited due to the nature of the streets so we parked at the top of the village, (after unloading outside our accommodation) in the public car park which happened to be free up until March! Bonus.

Staithes - A Coastal Break Fit For An Artist

With all the excitement and so much anticipation, and with just over one hour of daylight left we were pretty soon unpacked, ready to get out into the cobbled streets of Staithes .It was a beautiful late afternoon with a cold wintry sun just on the verge of setting. A perfect welcome.

A pint of larger and a packet of crisps went down a treat at the Cod and Lobster overlooking the harbour, taking it all in, and happy to be by the sea once more. Time to relax. 🍺

Written by Tracy Hunter

I enjoy painting in both acrylic and watercolour and look for inspiration from other artists. I love to spend my spare time in the outdoors with my Labrador Daisy, we both enjoy a good swim!

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