Border Collie Malc – The Growing Walking Companion

If you have been following me on social media you will quite probably know that I have been spending a lot of time recently with my new companion and future adventure companion. A puppy Border Collie by the name of Malc 🙂

IMG_20190907_161933 Border Collie Malc - The Growing Walking Companion

Way back in 2010 when I started this website I was accompanied far and wide by the love-able Basset Hound twins Monty and Jasmine. Many of you remember them fondly as you tell me. Having spent so many years with those two (they passed away in 2015) I was always torn between having another dog/s or having a break.

I took a break whilst also helping out lots of dogs and owners along the way. Rescue centres have dogs that can’t cope with kennels so need time away, plus there are times I am on a hike or walk for the day and a chance to give an owner a break. This was always a case with Rusty for sure. A great friend and company he was indeed.

G0171015 Border Collie Malc - The Growing Walking Companion

However, I have always known there would come a day I would get a new 4 legged BaldHiker companion. Then along came the opportunity for Malc. He ticked all boxes for me and my lifestyle. You may think as a travel writer, hiker, blogger etc I would have all the time in the world for ‘any’ dog. Alas it is more full on than you think with so much going on behind the scenes too.

IMG_20190926_145209-01 Border Collie Malc - The Growing Walking Companion

As a hiker you need recall as a must, plus stamina. It helps I adore Border Collies anyway but you can’t get much more in stamina and as a puppy I can bond and train with him so any livestock or problems encountered on our adventures will not be a problem.

Yes he is a Border Collie. A tri blue merle border collie. A lot of people out there, understandably get him confused with an Australian Shepherd. Malc does have the markings very similar to one yes. At the time of writing and in a lot of these pics he is only 3 months old. He will stand apart from the Australian Shepherd as he gets older. His ears will start to stand up in a month or two after teething which the Aussies don’t plus Aussies are a lot stockier if you look up pics.

P9021014 Border Collie Malc - The Growing Walking Companion

Wall eyes, yes he is wall eyed. One brown and one mainly blue. In some lights it looks real turquoise. Actually if you take a closer look at Border Collies on your outings you will see wal eyes are more common than you think, especially amongst types with merle in them.

His mum is a traditional short haired black and white working Border Collie, his dad is a rough coat tri bue merle. So, he has gained some wonderful markings on show already. How long it will end up? We shall see 🙂

IMG_20190916_170349-01 Border Collie Malc - The Growing Walking Companion

With puppies, no matter how strong the temptation is with such a bouncy dog, you cannot walk them too much too soon. It is bad for their limbs as they grow. The rule of thumb is normally 5 minutes for every month they are. Plus that is about right for training attention span anyway.

IMG_20190920_155316-01 Border Collie Malc - The Growing Walking Companion

If you have ever owned a border collie puppy you know they are so clever, so full of energy, have to taste and chew everything they shouldn’t plus are genetically wired to herd and nip. So expect carnage, zoomies upon zoomies, nothing left unchewed, ankles and wrists with teeth marks and a few months of saying ‘off’ and ‘no’ on repeat. 😉

All whilst knowing that they are so clever in learning bad habits as much as good ones, even at this age. I wouldn’t love him any different though. I look back and laugh how far he has come on in just a few weeks even!

He sits, down, and fetches already and recall on its way as well. Each day at a time. Come next Spring/Summer he will be an adult, hiking, safe and enjoying every mile.

IMG_20190821_185829-01 Border Collie Malc - The Growing Walking Companion

I am going to enjoy every minute of his development. Bonding and bonding, learning each others traits as we go. If you want to follow him as he grows or see our adventures live from his perspective he has his own Instagram Account – MalcAndFriends if you wish to follow.

He has already made great friends with the cats, Doris and Lyla…. Phew !

IMG_20190901_072738-01 Border Collie Malc - The Growing Walking Companion

I will post updates of him for sure both here and on the social channels for sure. You will get the chance to walk with him on the upcoming social walks too perhaps and he will appear in many walking and adventure posts for years to come, Woof! 🙂

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.

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