Three Vegan Lunches in London

Most people taking a trip down to London would get excited about visiting Buckingham Palace or riding the London Eye, but if you’re vegan and as much of a foodie as I am, you’re likely to be more excited about the vegan food that the capital has to offer. Me and my mum recently went on a long weekend to London and took advantage of this – here is what we had for Lunch.

Mildred’s – Kings Cross

Our first lunch stop was a vegetarian restaurant called Mildred’s.There’s a few of them dotted around London but the one we chose was at Kings Cross. The menu is quite vast, from Italian to Caribbean to Indian influences, and the restaurant itself is very simple and light with lovely big windows. We chose a little guacamole and corn side dish as well as the gochujang stir fry and the caribbean jerk tofu.

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The Caribbean tofu was a highlight for sure, the marinade reminded me of a BBQ seasoning from ribs and the fried plantain was something a bit different for us – it looks exactly like a banana but taste like harder sweet potato! The gochujang stir fry had deep fried tofu ‘puffs’ which were delicious, they are very dry and aerated tofu pieces fried in a batter – yum! As for the guacamole and chips, I love anything made with avocado and this guacamole was better than anything I can make at home…

Kalifornia Kitchen – Bloomsbury

On Saturday, we decided to go for more of a Brunch rather than a Lunch. After seeing the girly interior on Instagram, I wanted to check out Kalifornia Kitchen for the food – and to get some pics near the flower wall and pink staircase!  Kalifornia Kitchen is 100% plant based and based on Percy Street, near Tottenham court road tube station.

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I went for the stacked banana pancakes with maple syrup, banana slices, coconut yoghurt and almond brittle. This was the first time I’ve ever had pancakes since going vegan. They were so fluffy and light – a classic American style pancake, the almond brittle topping was amazing also. My mum went for a breakfast burrito filled with ‘tofu scramble’ which is meant to mimic scrambled eggs. It wasn’t for me since I’ve never been a fan of real eggs but my mum loved it! The star of the show however was the side of kale that it came with, it was super crispy and covered in a nutty, cheesy coating – so nice that we’ve been trying to recreate it since we’ve come home.

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Canvas Cafe – Spitalfields

Our final Lunch destination was the Canvas Cafe just off Brick Lane, Brick Lane is one of the best places for amazing vegan food! Everything on their menu is 100% vegan and homemade and all their ingredients are ethically sourced. The Cafe is completely not for profit, and support a wide range of projects including helping the homeless and supporting sessions on mental health and mindfulness. Inside the cafe, I really loved how the white walls are covered in inspiring messages from previous customers.

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We both chose a classic all day breakfast. The bread was absolutely delicious – I love any sourdough but this was drizzled with a lovely olive oil too. Tofu scramble seems a popular food right now since this breakfast came with it too! I gave mine away as it’s not for me but mum seemed to really enjoy hers.

Written by Jessica Wilkes

Jessica, a 22 year old Graduate Actuary living in Leeds. Since becoming vegan 3 years ago, I've been forced to improve my skills in the kitchen and here I wish to document my ongoing vegan journey and share my tips - 'veganizing' my favourite meals and trying to find a way to like broccoli.

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