Damflask Reservoir in the Loxley Valley, South Yorkshire 1

The day was calm and the skies were a gorgeous shade of blue with just a scattering of clouds as though they were placed there in perfection, the warmth of the sun on our backs as we began our stroll around Damflask reservoir, just heavenly. Sun cream was certainly required on this day, though this is an absolute beaut of a circuit with partial tree coverage over a generous part of the track making it easy in any weather and with a very well-maintained pathway all around it is accessible to all.  The circuit around Damflask reservoir is only 3 miles (5 Kilometers) around so this is an easy route for anyone to complete and enjoy, of course if you wanted to run the route it’s great for doing circuits.

Damflask Reservoir in the Loxley Valley, South Yorkshire 2

On our visit, we spotted a gentleman doing circuits on his bike whilst listening to his music, this made me laugh at first as I couldn’t figure out why I was hearing ABBA’s “Mama Mia” whilst I admired the views, “Mamma mia, here I go again, my my, how can I resist you?” can you imagine, then along came the chap on his bike as the music gets clearer. Mystery solved. Hehe!

Damflask Reservoir in the Loxley Valley, South Yorkshire 3

Damflask reservoir is in the Loxley valley near Low Bradfield village, roughly 5 miles (8 Kilometers) West of the centre of Sheffield in South Yorkshire and named after the village of Damflask which was completely washed away in the great Sheffield flood 11 March 1864. The village once stood near the current dam wall. The village was never rebuilt due to plans already being drawn up to build the reservoir which you see now.

Damflask Reservoir in the Loxley Valley, South Yorkshire 4

The reservoir is used by three rowing clubs, the city of Sheffield rowing club, Sheffield university rowing club and Sheffield Hallam university rowing club, as well as Sheffield Viking sailing club. Damflask is also open to anglers all year round too. It’s very relaxing to sit and watch the sailing boats sail by on a beautiful day, we even dipped our toes in for a little paddle. No need to rush, no hassle, especially as my son and his expectant fiancée had joined us for a wander, we took a more leisurely pace.

Damflask Reservoir in the Loxley Valley, South Yorkshire 5

Such a tranquil scene, rich blue skies and scattered clouds reflected in the calm waters of the reservoir with passing sail boats and all encapsulated by trees. I feel this is a place of beauty that anyone can enjoy by foot, by cycle and is easy access for wheelchair users or with pushchairs.

Damflask Reservoir in the Loxley Valley, South Yorkshire 6

Whilst strolling the circuit around the trail I spotted a lovely little vole by the tree line, I also saw a couple of cheeky donkeys as I peeked through a hole in a stone wall and countless hedgerow birds on the way round, plus the usual ducks on the water. An area full of wildlife and surprises that we stumbled upon quite randomly and without a doubt will be returning to for another day out, perhaps with a packed lunch and a bag of grain for the ducks. A good all round route with great access and gorgeous views.

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