Santorini: A Study in Blue

Blue is my favorite color. So imagine my joy at stepping off the boat in Santorini and discovering a palette of blues dotting the whitewashed landscape. Some juxtaposed against an azure sky. Others discretely tucked away. I couldn’t resist capturing these gems with my camera. A blue lover’s paradise.

santorini1 Santorini: A Study in Blue

santorini2 Santorini: A Study in Blue

santorini3 Santorini: A Study in Blue

santorini4 Santorini: A Study in Blue

santorini5 Santorini: A Study in Blue

Written by Laura Whitfield

Laura is a writer, teacher, and mom who loves encouraging and empowering others. She is passionate about social media, travel. and books. Laura is currently writing a book entitled, DEFYING SMALL, EMBRACING SMALL: How Defining Life Moments Can Help You Live Your Biggest, Most Passionate Life.


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  1. Santorini is like dropping into a spot of paradise. we visited twice in the past ten years and we left a lot happier than we arrived. it is an oasis of calm. Try a boat trip out into the caldera at sunset it is a sight that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

    • John, isn’t it heavenly? I long to go back and want to do a boat trip next time. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  2. Looks beautiful at night on the isles of Scilly.ive been there but only in the daylight hours. So far in 2018 I’ve managed a good few nocturnal stargazing hikes;staithes to port mulgrave in the north Yorkshire moors national park, around Wooler in the Northumberland national park, up boars hill west of Oxford and tackley to kirtlington, Oxfordshire. Raining tonight so no stars!

    • Kevan, you sound like quite the traveler! I hear the sunsets at Oia (Santorini) are some of the most spectacular in the world. Just one more reason to return!

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