Yes, I was about 4 or 5 years old.  My Father decided I had been walking long enough so he decided I should accompany him on a stroll, upwards, in the lake District.  As you may have figured out it never in any way put me off.

In fact Coniston Old Man is one of my favourites to this day. Perfect for a quick climb, a slow meander or for training in snow/ice in the winter.  As my dad must have thought I totally agree this mountain is perfect for a family climb with it’s wide paths, glorious views and (if clear) view of future climbs from the top.

If you have ever driven North along the M6 heading past Lancaster towards the Lakes then this will probably be that first Mountain you see, as it is situated at the bottom of the district.  From the top on a clear day you can look out back south in tranquility watching the Blackpool Pleasure Beach ‘Big One’ in motion in the distance.  That is if you get over the splendid view of the whole of Coniston Water laid out before you.

After the climb you should even spend some time. in the village that is Coniston itself.  A gem of a place to see in the lake District.  The drive along the country roads to get to it brings many a view to admire too.

This is a mountain I have taken my friends on their first Mountain. Always with fond memories.  Here are some pics including some of my pics taken in all weathers.

If you feel you would like to accompany me on a future climb here please let me know.