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Kilimanjaro – The Roof of Africa

Ahhhh the memories.  Standing at 5,893 metres (19,334 ft) wrapped up in thick clothing, standing on a glacier and watching the sun rise up over the Serengeti.

In my opinion Kilimanjaro is the perfect climb to start with if you plan any high altitude ascents.  With a good backup team and good planning this can be one of the best ‘short’ high altitude ascents done in 6 or 7 days.

Teamwork, great attitudes, great sights and an amazing country (Tanzania) with it’s wonderful people help to make it an experience of a lifetime.

As any traveller knows, photographs never make up for the feeling of ‘being there’ but the video slideshow, (below) of my trip is one that I can look at with fond smiles and thought.

This is one Mountain that gave me the ‘bug’ to go on and do more.  Altitude is not everything, the beauty and experience of the place is, for me.  A small hill, a huge Summit, doesn’t matter, give me a path, a top and great views with lovely people and I’m there.

Thankyou for joining me here and I look forward to sharing many more of my memories plus exciting new adventures here in future

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele


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  1. Hi Paul,

    Just stumbled upon this post! Enjoyed seeing your video! I climbed Kili back in 2009. One of the most beautiful experiences of my life! Really tough though. I’ve been writing about it on my blog over the last few weeks and I felt like I was back there!

    You look like you had more fun though! I didn’t have a group! But it was amazing!


  2. Truly enjoyed your little video and all the photos! I guess we all have that one hiking experience that will forever give us that bug. Mine def was hiking Patagonia for 5 days.

  3. WAOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH c’est SUBLISSIME, il faut que je dise,j’aime beaucoup la photo et tout ce qui est paysage divers, les animaux, la nature en somme, je craque ! 😉

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