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Azerbaijan – Local people passing by

Our latest trip to Azerbaijan has been amazing as it ever is. From the snowy mountains, historical places to a walk through the city of Baku that never ceases to give great surprises on each trip there. Too much to see, too little time and so many photos to take…. Normally on a trip there’s so many beautiful landscapes and buildings to admire as we have already shown a part of. But I also like to stop for a while take a step back and watch the local people. When I do that there’s always lots of questions crossing my...

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Azerbaijan – Up to Laza and the frozen waterfalls

Whilst in the Gusar region of course we had to go look at some of the mesmerising local scenery. From way down in the valley you drive up past Shahdag Ski Resort and beyond up over the mountain pass. Snow and ice, a mountain pass and a little village nearly 2000m above sea level, time for the four wheel drive only again. Laza sits nestled beneath the mountain tops. In summer all green and plentiful, in winter, especially in winter, feeling more remote but with its beautiful surroundings changed to white. The Caucasus are full of hidden communities way...

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A meeting with the President of Azerbaijan

It isn’t every day you meet a President, and as you can see from my hiking attire it was not what I woke up expecting either. Whilst I was at Pik Palace Hotel, Shahdag Ski Resort, the President, Ilham Aliyev decided it would be time to pay a visit, see the new hotel and to see how the rest of the resort was looking. I was then told that the President had seen and liked my articles from my visits to Azerbaijan and there could be a chance I could have a few minutes with him whilst we are both...

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Azerbaijan – Luxury and skiing at Shahdag

It was time to head out of Baku again and back up to the north and the mountains, in the Gusar area and right up in Shahdag National Park. On all my visits I have been watching the continuing construction of a super ski resort up by Shahdag Mountain.. and this time the luxury had arrived at the slopes. The whole resort has been transformed to allow many families, couples and adventurers to escape, explore or ski the area. Glaciers, snow covered peaks, frozen waterfalls and panoramas galore await any visitor. Accommodation comes in at all levels from cottages,...

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Dining scenes in Old City Baku

As we stated in the Azerbaijan food post the choice and variety is immense when it comes to cuisine. It seems that wherever you choose you cannot go far wrong. There are one or two places in the Old City of Baku however that never escape a visit whenever we are in town. Lovely dining experiences in an old style setting, the caravanserais. Being a large point on the Silk Road there are a few caravanserai in Baku Old City. A place for resting, eating and networking. The entrances leading to old open topped courtyards, a place once to...

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Azerbaijan – Shirvanshahs’ Palace of Baku

On one of my last visits to Azerbaijan I showed you a quick photo tour of Baku’s Old City. An ancient walled inner city that although a monument is still lived in, within the old inner walls. A quite remarkable area that I try to see on each trip there. I want to start showing some of the gems within so will start with perhaps one of the biggest historic building complexes there, Shirvanshahs’ Palace, or also known as Palace of the Shirvanshahs. Built at the top end of the Old City you can imagine way back it had a very...

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