Basset Hounds and Buttercups

Basset Hounds and Buttercups

Hello again from the Basset Hound twosome Monty and Jasmine. The last time you saw them here they were jumping around in the snow. Now it’s noses at the ready as they just love the start of summertime. So much deep grass to explore and so many smells to check out. As soon as they are out they jump straight into the field out front that is currently populated by buttercups galore. The grass deeper the buttercups reaching up, the short legs of the hounds forcing them to spring about icon smile Basset Hounds and Buttercups

DSC 0352 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

DSC 0247 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

I love these times between travels, trips and projects. Wind down time with the loveable droolers and of course spoiling them … a little.

For those that asked from previous it is Monty with the blue harness and Jasmine with the red.

DSC 0432 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

Contrary to the perception those sad looking eyes can give their tails wagging like crazy give away their true feeling of excitement. The sun comes out, the dogs go out and many a time I have lost them in the deep. Basset Hounds were actually bred on purpose way back to have those white tipped tails that stand tall when enjoying… so they could be spotted waving like ‘Here I am’ flags when tracking. Comes in handy even now on a country stroll I tell ya icon biggrin Basset Hounds and Buttercups

DSC 0357 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

DSC 0361 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

Welcome to a bit of my world of escapism once more. A release from the digital world on many a day. Fresh air, the green of the countryside, the fresh air, phone left at home and bounding Bassets around me. You will see them more this summer as I travel through Britain some more, new places for those noses to delve into.

DSC 04331 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

DSC 00511 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

DSC 0227 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

DSC 0418 Basset Hounds and Buttercups

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5 Responses to "Basset Hounds and Buttercups"

  1. Sue  October 5, 2013 at 19:17

    What wonderful ears – such delightful photos

  2. Franca  June 29, 2013 at 11:08

    They are gorgeous! :)

  3. Sarah Rees
    Sarah Rees  June 24, 2013 at 23:51

    Lolloping lovelies! :)


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