Wiltshire – Step back in time through the village of Lacock

If you visit Britain and want to see an unspoiled village that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time, then Lacock, Wiltshire is most definitely high in that category.

With population of less than 200 and under the watchful ownership of the National Trust this place is a joy to walk around. Houses from 18th century back to medieval times. A pub from the 15th century and quaint hidden tea rooms are just a few of the hidden gems here. That is before the grandeur of Lacock Abbey. It is little wonder that Lacock has been used as a location in many a period drama and film, from the Harry Potter movies to Pride and Prejudice and Cranford on the BBC.

Lacock old houses

My short time in Wiltshire would not be complete without an hour or two walking and discovering the quaint streets.

small street in centre of Lacock

Over 200 of the properties are listed buildings. The aim to preserve the unspoiled view is enhanced by the fact that no aerials, cables etc are allowed for example. The local cars seem to be the only thing to remind you that you are in the 21st century.

BaldHiker Social Walks
listed building
The George Inn Pub in Lacock

Above, one of the lovely pubs around the village. The George Inn dates back to the 15th century.

old house and red tree

bakery, tea shops and other quirky little working buildings. Everybody whom lived and worked here seemed to have a genuine big smile on their face. In just that couple of hours I was there the amount of visitors, especially from overseas was staggering. This place truly is a draw to visitors to Britain whom want to discover a little original piece the past.

Lacock bakery
tea in the garden

Terrifically photogenic, each step brings a new postcard view. In just these few small streets I had filled my cameras memory card. Old door frames, windows and preserved period features.

old windows and door
metal gates
pretty village street wiltshire
ivy on old house
big lawn

As I had the hounds with me I was unable to get inside Lacock Abbey itself, there is a fee too to enter this part. Even from the village you can see the grand building with centuries of history. From the 13th century where it started life as a nunnery, the cloisters still intact and Harry Potter lovers would recognise this too. Then after the dissolution it began being converted into a house with many additions and designs through the years together with centuries of building art and fashion. One notable inhabitant was Henry Fox Talbot who in 1835 Talbot made the earliest known surviving example of a photographic negative. During the English Civil war it was used as a Royalist garrison.

Lacock Abbey
Abbey gates
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  1. Sue Deere says:

    Lovely! Lacock is one of my favourite places to visit. I usually spend most time in the abbey grounds (and supping Margaret’s marvelous tea at King John’s Hunting Lodge tea garden) but from your photos there are clearly bits of the village I haven’t discovered yet.

  2. Sheena Findlay says:

    How do you do that??? Fantastic! Thank you for showing us all around Lacock. I really should get out and about more in wonderful Wiltshire 🙂

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