The Enchanting Isle of Purbeck 1

Gorse, cliffs, adders and a magical spot called Dancing Ledge. There’s a pub that boasts an extraordinary collection of fossils and hosts bands on tour from all corners of the world.

The Enchanting Isle of Purbeck 2

This adder fell to it’s fate from the steep cliffs above.  One guess is that it became dehydrated on the beach and ended up dying in this rockpool, perfectly crossing the boundary between land and sea.

The Enchanting Isle of Purbeck 3

Around the corner is Stair Hole, a great jumping point if you can avoid the crowds.

The Enchanting Isle of Purbeck 4

I wish I could have a garden made of gorse and heather, the colors up top are so beautiful it’s dazzling.

The Enchanting Isle of Purbeck 5

And back down below, walking across the shore of Kimmeridge Bay feels like treading on the outstretched palm of a giant’s hand. There are lines that criss-cross and fork off leading you into dead ends.  There are channels punctuated with blood-red anemones that the sea teases  as it turns around again and again.

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  1. I often wish I could go on a vacation and just wonder around and see the beauty of nature but I am such an archeological site type of junkie that I can’t seem to plan a relaxing just walk around and see the country side kind of vacation like I see in many of the stories here. I guess I could try and plan something out and away from a big city and park the car and have a nice long walk to the site I know there are some castles along the coast of Ireland where this would work.

  2. Gorgeous pictures xx

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