wasp close up of face

My arch enemy, especially on the heathered moors or in the wooded valleys during Summer.  You know how it goes. You sit to eat some fruit or grab a juice and voila, there it is, a wasp hovering around you.

This is where you fall into one of three categories:

1.  Scream and run around arms flailing

2.  Stand still with panic in eyes, shaking and hoping. Begging everyone else to stay still and stop laughing

3.  You carry on without a care in the world telling all its only a wasp.

I must admit I fall between the first 2 categories, maybe as I was attacked badly by a few when young.  But what good are wasps?  And do we have a reason to flee them?

Yes… They are good for something.  They eat and control populations of other insects that can be more troublesome in numbers, flies,, spiders, caterpillars and some beetles.  Many farmers  and gardeners actually relish them. And wasps in turn are eaten by prey such as Birds, badgers and mice.

They have very strong jaws that can saw through wood. This helps them to create paper nests.. Clever little rascals.

Should we flee them? Well, 99% of the time if you do not annoy it, it will not annoy you.  So technically you should let it share your juice or sandwich. It’s not going to take it all. And will fly off soon enough.

Why does it have a sting?  Well apart from to irritate us when you accidentally sit on one they actually use it to paralyse insects they catch by stinging the nerve centre.  Not to kill it but to keep the meat fresh for their young.

Anyway next time you feel threatened by the poor little Yellow Jacket Wasp we generally see, why not think about these yellow black striped killing machines >>>


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  1. I think we should attack first. Besides, they're armed.

  2. karenfrommentor says:

    I enjoyed the visuals you created especially # 2

    I'm of the do no harm persuasion when it comes to insects. Obviously if they're outside, I'm on their turf.

    When they come inside, if at all possible, I capture and release anything that wanders uninvited into my home. Last weekend I spent 20 minutes tossing a wet hand towel at a wasp on my ceiling until I finally captured it and let it outside. This, despite the fact that I once swallowed a wasp who decided to visit the inside of my can of Orange Crush and spent the next few hours in the ER.

  3. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Paul, I need another category. Cry. I hate the little b@$tards! I'm in denial of the good they do .I hope you squashed it! 😛

  4. Francis A says:

    My arch enemy they are!! I was ridiculed by a Huge Hornet because it attacked me (I know it was after me) during a hike!! Everyone was laughing!! Including my kids and hubby!! I finally took my hat off and killed it because it started flying after my 8 year old son!! Whatever good they do I believe that they are out to get me!! So thanks for the interesting info on them but I will still run away from them if I see one because I don't want the sting!!

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