Shining Cliff Gin From White Peak Distillery

I’ve been visiting the area of Shining Cliff woods at Ambergate with my family for years now and it is a firm favourite destination.

It came as such a delightful surprise to discover the White Peak distillery had set up on our favourite route. A gin distillery, on our favourite woodland route, and they sell coffee to take away, what a wonderful discovery.

The distillery is located near the river Derwent and in an old wire works factory in an area steeped in history and legend. Shining Cliff ancient woodland is a World Heritage site and is an inspiration for a variety of gin.

white peak distillery

Shining cliff gin is a refreshing delicious gin from the White Peak distillery company near Alderwasley in the Derbyshire Peak District. 

We first discovered the White Peak Distillery company on one of our regular circular walks at Shining cliff woodland an on spotting the entrance sign on our way back to the car, by this time, a take away coffee sounded like a really good idea.

We had our dogs with us and so unfortunately we weren’t able to go inside for a warm up and a gin tasting.  The take away coffee was good enough for us and my husband went inside to order the coffees whilst I looked after the three dogs.

The distillery hadn’t been on site long but were already well set up and seemed busy inside doing gin tasting tours, I did feel a tad jealous if I’m honest.  There were a variety of gins to choose from inside the distillery on display and while the coffee was prepared my husband decided to buy a small bottle of gin as a surprise for me.  

gin and tonic with lemon

The gin we bought home on that late Autumn afternoon was Shining Cliff Gin – Floral which is distilled and bottled by hand at the Derwent Wire Works in Ambergate, Derbyshire.  A small batch gin. 

The tasting notes

‘Inspired by Shining Cliff’s woodland and hedgerows, thirteen carefully selected botanicals (inc rose hip, bilberry & mayflower) distilled to create a smooth, perfectly balanced Derbyshire dry gin.

white peak distillery sign

Our visit to the White Peak Distillery was one of the best decisions we could have made that cold afternoon. The Shining Cliff Gin is a gin lovers delight,  a dry, light and botanical flavoured style, a gin tthat’s delicious served over ice and tonic or mixed into a cocktail .

I prefer to drink mine over ice with a good quality tonic and maybe a small wedge of lemon or lime. I highly recommend the Shining Cliff gin I enjoyed my visit to the distillery and the floral, botanical flavours in the gin, reminds me of one of my most enjoyable walking areas. 

White Peak distillery produces a wider range of gins, including Shining Cliff Citrus, Shining Cliff Spiced, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust River Side Gin. Oh, and did I mention they also produce whiskey. 

gin in a glass

Gin is known to have been used as early as the middle ages, mostly as a herbal remedy.  Predominantly Juniper berries are used as the main flavouring ingredient when distilling and a wide variety is now available,  the choice of botanicals and flavours,  ranging from very dry, fruity,  floral and citrus. 

Gin became a craze after a heavy tax was introduced on imported liquor such a brandy and through 1695–1735 thousands of gin shops  popped up all over London because the government allowed unlicensed gin production and the price of gin was in comparison with other drinks very low, leading to it being quite popular with even the poorer customers. 

These days, gin is produced very high quality and with a mind to delight the most distinguished taste buds. Modern day gins are varied and are made for all tastes a real treat and that’s why gin tasting is so much more interesting, there’s so much more to discover about different styles of gin. 

I feel a visit some day in the future, a gin tasting tour would be well worth booking to get the full experience of Shining cliff gin and if combined with a relaxed woodland walk before leaving the area, you’ll get the chance to discover the influences behind the gin.

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  1. Janine Moore says:

    Hi Anna.
    Thank you for your lovely comment, I do like gin. 🙂
    I’m glad you enjoyed the article, I’m sure you would enjoy the area too. it’s beautiful there and the gin, also available online, reflects on the nature of the surrounding woodland.
    Take care and stay safe.

  2. I think you like gin! :o]
    If I were physically able – I’m not – I think I would visit Ambergate too…but many thanks for taking me there.
    Stay safe.
    Anna :o]

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