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In previous posts I’ve shown you my experience at Bodega Bay and the Harbor Seals at Goat Rock Beach. Now it’s time for me to head inland; crossing Russian River on my way to Guerneville and the Armstrong Redwoods, State Natural Reserve. The Redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens, covers an area of 805 acres, so I was only going to manage to see a small part of it today. I started walking just after 3pm and was totally awestruck by their enormity, getting neck ache trying to see their canopies. The tallest tree in the park is The Parson Jones Tree, reaching the dizzy height of 310 feet (94 metres). The oldest tree in the grove is The Colonel Armstrong Tree, estimated to be over 1400 years old.

24. Colonel-Armstrong


The reserve is in a temperate rainforest and the mist and fog during the Summer months help to retain the moist conditions which help the trees flourish. I was fortunate that the mist hadn’t reached that far inland when I was there and was blessed with beautiful blue skies; when I could see the sky through the trees.

29. Lichen-2


The views once high up and through the woods were spectacular. I took a few minutes to recharge my batteries, the humidity and time change taking it’s toll.



After my brief stop I decided to head back towards the car park. I took a circular route. The paths were easy underfoot and very quiet.




My only surprise was stepping over something that hissed; needless to say I had to look back. Making sure there was a good distance between us, I reached for my camera, zooming in I realised just what I stepped over … a rattle snake! But like most wildlife, these creatures are not out to harm you, it had just been basking in the sunshine when I came along and disturbed its peace.

30. Lizard

31. Looking-back

33. FullSizeRender

That was enough adventure for one day, time to head back into the City.

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