Orton Scarecrow Competition: help me decide 1

It’s the second of the May Bank Holiday weekends and thus here in Orton, Cumbria it is time for members all around the village to get creative for the Orton Scarecrow Festival. This year the theme is ‘Talented People’ and behind closed doors some of the local community have been busy making their take on that. From Tom Jones and A P McCoy to Jeremy Clarkson, from Great British Bake Off to somebody’s mum! Lots of takes on the theme and lots of hard work on display. They will be on display all through the Bank Holiday weekend if you want to visit and see for yourself. But can you help me with my vote?! See them all below and please vote for your favourite, the winner will get my vote 😀 Thx.

You can click to enlarge them each first to get a closer look before making your one vote

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