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Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

Known locally as the Pimple, Win Hill Pike in the Derbyshire Peak District is a feature of the lovely Hope Valley area, a place I return to regularly. The winter’s snow drew my soul up to this peaceful wonderland on the first day of February. I’ve spent many memorable summer days hiking up to Win Hill Pike and down again through the lush pines to Ladybower reservoir and beyond, but there really is nothing like a wintery covering up on the peaks to make it a magical experience.

5.-Winter-Wonderland Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

I wanted to share the stillness, the tranquility and heavenly views across the snow laced hills in winter. Win Hill Pike is just short of being labeled a Marilyn! A Marilyn is a hill or mountain in the UK with a prominence of at least 150 Metres (492ft.) Win Hill Pike is often used as a Duke of Edinburgh award station.

3.-Curious-Sheep Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

Being such a beautiful day for a hike, winter sunshine and pure white layers of snow covering the landscape it was decided that we should take a scenic route around to the Pimple, where the trig point can be found at the top of Win Hill Pike. Ascending from Hope train station, a relatively easy route but none the less a very picturesque one, we found that there was plenty of fun to be had in the snow. Snowman building, snowball fights of course, and the dog just bounding about like a crazy kangaroo.

4.-On-the-Ridge.-Jeremy-And-Max-in-the-Snow Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

Instead of heading directly up to the summit, I find it a welcome change to take a slightly longer route heading towards Hope Cross, a marker post, dated 1737 which is at the highest point of the ridge. Once we’re up on top of the ridge and experienced some wonderful views over toward Lose Hill and Mam Tor, walking becomes easy going along the ridge. Changing direction once up along the ridge looking to the right Win Hill Pike should just be coming into view now.

2.-View-Over-to-Lose-Hill-and-Mam-Tor Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

9.-Flock-of-Sheep-Enjoying-a-Feed Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

Ladybower reservoir, another spot that draws me and full of photographic inspiration is on the left hand side running along next to Snake Pass road, not easy to see below the pines until you reach the trig point. From the right hand side of the ridge are views over a patchwork of fields through the Hope Valley and easily spotted on the landscape is Hope Cement Factory, a local landmark you might say.

6.-Ladybower-Reservoir-and-Snake-Pass Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

8.-A-View-Over-the-Snow-to-Hope-Cement-Factory Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

10.-Hope-valley-and-beyond-wrapped-in-snow Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

Here we are Win Hill Pike summit or the Pimple, wind so strong and fresh it takes your breath away, views so stunning it leaves you speechless, and by the time you reach the trig point it’s time to drop, sit and take it all in. Out comes the camera, the lunch box and the flask!

11.-Win-Hill-Pike-Trig-Point Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

12.-Win-Hill-looking-across-the-snow-to-Lose-hill Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

13.-A-snowy-white-canvas-of-peaks Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

Peace, tranquility and satisfaction, all apart from the wind in your ears! I advise you to find a spot behind a rock out of the weather to settle a while before descending back into civilization. Heaven is a Pike!

14.-Winter-Sun-on-Snow-the-Descent. Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

Written by Janine Moore

Janine lives in Nottinghamshire with her husband and two youngest children. A love of animals and the countryside stems from a childhood living by the river Trent and spending hours watching the local wildlife.
Photography has been a hobby for many years and the camera is never far from her side.


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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the images, Ross-Barry and Mulyono@ East Borneo Travel. It was a pleasure to hike up Win Hill Pike in the snow to capture those shots, It’s a wonderful area and always has a place in my heart. 🙂

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