Destination Sunset USA

Sunset is the time of day that brings the sensation of peace to me. It is a reminder that today had it’s own share of work, provision, struggle, joy, sorrow, failure or success. Each sunset is a journey and a reminder that beautiful happens when darkness and light collide.

photo-95 Destination Sunset USA

photo-84 Destination Sunset USA

I live along the coast of South Walton Beaches in the Northwest Panhandle of Florida. Sunset is a daily celebration along the coast. The coast is a place where it doesn’t matter what kind of day it is, everyone stops to migrate at days end to the beach or to an area Coastal Dune lake and they wait for the magic to happen. It is like we all become the local paparazzi exposing the big debut of the daily ritual of sundown, while reflecting on the simplicities and complexities of life.

photo-10-111 Destination Sunset USA

photo-55 Destination Sunset USA

Sunset has a way of speaking beauty into our lives regardless of where our feet are planted at the moment. The location doesn’t matter, sunset happens every day wherever we are in the world. A few of the photos in this post are from travels to Nashville, Tennessee along the Cumberland River. Another photo shared is from a very cherished place that is near to my heart, Pursell Farms in Sylacauga, Alabama (main image atop this post).

photo-76 Destination Sunset USA

The transition and translation of sunset speaks in every language while it connects to every story. I have also found that the best and most vibrant sunsets are usually right after a storm. The inconsistent weather creates a magnificent canvas, while the sunset shows up in consistent timing as it speaks a message connecting all of us.

photo-45 Destination Sunset USA

Wherever my journey takes me the destination always brings me home to sunset.

photo-113 Destination Sunset USA

See you at sunset!!

Written by Christy Milliken

Living a creative life of sandy toes between sunsets, along the white sands of South Walton Beaches in Northwest FL.
Exposing life outside the box, one image and one word at a time. Curating beyond the walls through adventure & travel.

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