The Sweet Aroma of Lilacs

In my home town, one of my favorite streets to take an evening stroll down during early summer is Union Street. At that time of the year, its sidewalks are encroached with lilac trees in full bloom. A sea of purple washes over the trees as the warm evening sun releases their aroma. The sweet alluring elixir draws me in as a smile appears on my face as I begin to escape into a purple paradise. My senses of sight and scent are full engulfed by the beauty.

002_Lilacs_TDean_007 The Sweet Aroma of Lilacs

003_Lilacs_TDean_007 The Sweet Aroma of Lilacs

004_Lilacs_TDean_007 The Sweet Aroma of Lilacs

005_Lilacs_TDean_007 The Sweet Aroma of Lilacs

… and I had to show a white one. 🙂 … Although not as fragrant, just as pretty.

006_Lilacs_TDean_007 The Sweet Aroma of Lilacs

Written by Tina Dean

Tina is an avid hiker and nature enthusiast. Living in picturesque Newfoundland, CANADA, her adventures take her through thick forests, along fast flowing rivers, and next to crashing ocean waves always with the chance of photographing the majestic wildlife of the area. Her passion for nature has brought forward a fire for photography.


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  1. In today`s busy urban life, people rarely find time to feel the miracles of nature.Many thanks to Tina for such beautiful photos.

    • Thank you for the comment.
      Photography has forced me to slow down and enjoy the things around me.

  2. Lovely photo’s of the lilacs, lucky you to enjoy their fragrance. I’ve had occasion to enjoy their fragrance and beauty when I visit family in Melbourne. So many fragrant flowers enjoy a cold climate. I live in the tropics flowers are beautiful but quite different here.Enjoyed your post.

    • Thank you Lyn. Living in Newfoundland allows me to enjoy a variety of things. The season is short, so I try to emerse myself as much as possible! Love looking at the tropic flowers. They are very beautiful.

  3. Great Photos! I love lilacs. They do not grow in Phoenix,AZ but they grew in Pittsburgh, PA where I used to live 🙂

    • I moved last summer and a crave being back in my hometown to smell those lilacs.

  4. Love your photo blog. Looking to those flowers gives me a wonderful and refreshing morning!

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