Peaceful Poppies

Relaxing in the presence of poppies is a lovely way to unwind and drift off. Indeed there seems to be something about poppies that can stir great emotion within us. Perhaps it is the strange mixture of fragility and resilience.

Sarah-Poppies-pic-2 Peaceful Poppies

Sarah-Poppies-pic-31 Peaceful Poppies

Sarah-Poppies-pic-4 Peaceful Poppies

Poppies are such delicate flowers with petals like tissue; yet somehow they find a footing in the most inhospitable of places. Like many other wild flowers, poppies thrive in poor soils, and can often be found brightening up derelict landscapes, craggy corners and roadsides with their cheery blooms.

Sarah-Poppies-pic-5 Peaceful Poppies

Sarah-Poppies-pic-6 Peaceful Poppies

Poppies come in a range of colours, size and petal distribution. From romantic reds and pastel pinks, to lovely lilacs and creams… each variety has the characteristic hairy stalks, large flower buds and distinctive seed heads that eventually dry into seed ‘shaker pots’.

Sarah-Poppies-pic-7 Peaceful Poppies

For some, poppy fields may bring back memories of childhood film adventures with yellow brick roads.

Sarah-Poppies-pic-8 Peaceful Poppies

For others, the poppy is a hugely symbolic flower – evoking memories of comrades that have fallen in battle. The poppy fields of Northern France are an enduring legacy, and these little flowers continue to act as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women. For many people, poppies are symbols of hope and the enduring beauty of Nature.

Sarah-Poppies-pic-9 Peaceful Poppies

Lazing around poppies is a lovely way to pass the time. Watching the flowers turning towards the sunshine, stalks delicately bending in the breeze… I hope you enjoy relaxing with my pictures.

Sarah-Poppies-pic-10 Peaceful Poppies

Sarah-Poppies-pic-11 Peaceful Poppies


Written by Sarah Rees

Environmental Scientist, presenter and keen wildlife photographer; Sarah is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. With a background in television production, she launched her online Forestwatch videos to celebrate the diversity of woodland wildlife and ancient trees.


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  1. Did you know to keep poppies like these you have to spray with water last thing at night or first thing in morning. If left in a vase of water they just die. Something to do with the fine hairs

  2. My favourite flower done justice with beautiful pictures and descriptions ,thank you 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your comments. Poppies really do inspire emotions don’t they?…

  4. the pictures speak as much as the spoken words written; you are gifted in both as much as you are unselfish. thanks for sharing these with the rest of world.

  5. Love poppies.. I started mine in the Los Padres National Forest from seeds in a neighbors yard, now they are perennial and reseed themselves in the most rocky, unfriendly decomposing granite soil. Bright and beautiful…

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