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Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Sunset over Baku

I love to arrive at a new destination to wonderful surprises. Azerbaijan and its capital Baku here is doing more than opening my mind to new experiences.. It is wowing my senses, my learning and my want of adventure. From the moment I landed the genuine hospitality of this country is considerable. Whilst here and over the next few posts I hope to show you not only the incredible, diverse history that has shaped this young countries culture, architecture, landscape and pride.

The Capital, Baku, my base sits in the East of the country on the edge of the Caspian Sea, the largest land enclosed body of water on Earth.

From above you see buildings grand, old and new. From the original oil boom, through the soviet era and some great and large new projects. But nestled within all is the ancient walled old city where my feet and mind wandered today.

Baku_DSC04052 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Overlooking the Old City of Baku towards some of the new.

Baku_DSC04066 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

23 hectares and home still to about 4,000 people this area is so unique. This walled city is a world heritage site dating back to the Palaeolithic period. 12th century walls surrounding the little wonderful narrow streets. Each corner presenting a new look into history. Throughout time the city has had input from the likes of the Persians to the Soviets, the Arabic to the Ottoman to name but a few. This place has not been turned into a ghost museum or over touristic area like in many parts of the world where old ancient cities are. The people live and work here still, in stark contrast to the wide avenues of the larger Baku outside the old walls.

Baku_DSC04047 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

The bakery for instance I could not resist entering. For such a small place I noticed that for the locals it was obviously a special place. I watched them bake the bread in traditional style right in front of me. Just 10 minutes it took to bake in the stone, fire oven, perfectly. Together with the cheese and cream the smells where irresistable.

Baku_DSC04056 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

AZDay1_1 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04059 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Wandering around I was mesmerised by the architecture. Still as old but fascinatingly well preserved. The pride and thought that has gone into keeping this area preserved yet still working is unbelievable.

Baku_DSC04065 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04048 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

AZDay1_3 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04064 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04072 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04073 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04077 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Within these walls are more touches with history than one can imagine. Palaces, old merchant meeting places and mosques dating back to the 11th century. The one shown above here is the Mohammed Mosque dated 1078/79.

Baku_DSC04079 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04091 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04101 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Baku_DSC04102 Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Visiting here is more than stepping back in time. It is learning, a wonder to see and feel all around and to think this is only a small part of what Baku and Azerbaijan has to offer. I will be exploring far and wide both within and around the City of Baku plus learning along the way. Over the next few posts I have so much more to say and show I am more than sure.

AZphotopano2_small Azerbaijan – Old City Baku

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele


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  1. Just fabulous…it was sheer joy knowing that traditions do prevail n old not abandoned for new. Lovely pictures n their account. Thank you !!!

  2. I remember first reading about Azerbaijan in NatGeo years ago when I was younger. I will never forget the place only because it took me forever to pronounce it! Awesome post and photos about one of the places I’d love to visit in the future!

  3. I’ve been reading quite a bit about Baku recently. Would definitely like to go some time soon. Love the pic of the lady making the bread.

  4. Your photos are amazing (love the woman and bread shot) and the more I read and hear about Azerbaijan the more I want to go check it out for myself.

  5. Really enjoyed your post Paul – and your photographs are just beautiful. I now can't wait to visit myself in May. Thank you for sharing your trip with us – Best Sue

  6. Paul,

    These photos are awesome. Can you tell me, did you fly in or do a land crossing? What was the visa process? We've been thinking of checking out Azarbaijain ….


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