Well, what a start….. and … relax 🙂
At 12.30 pm today I was still in Manchester, what surprised me was that I ended up in this volcanic water paradise of Iceland within 4 hours. The fresh air and paradise in the geothermal waters of Blue Lagoon Iceland. Absolutely relaxing and to think you are surrounded by the pure Icelandic, volcanic countryside.

blue-lagoon-065 Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

How does it work? Well the seawater goes 2000m underground and meets the the heating force from deep inside. At this depth the temperature is 240°C/464°F and the pressure is 36 times the pressure on the earth’s surface. The geothermal seawater comes into contact with cooling magmatic intrusions and captures the earth’s minerals, resulting in this unique natural source known for its healing power and actives.

The Algae in the water is very special too. Unique to the Blue Lagoon it is part of what makes up the special nutrients here for the care and nourishment of the skin.

blue-lagoon-032 Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

blue-lagoon-037 Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

I must admit I found myself in the position of putting my phone and camera down and enjoying the calm, air and relaxing. As if that wasn’t enough, the exclusive lounge area brings a whole new experience. Private changing room and shower, relaxing music, a private deck, refreshments and … a private lagoon leading out into the open area. There is much much more too and a list here would prove too much. It really isn’t too expensive at all. Memorable for all.

blue-lagoon-041 Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

blue-lagoon-058 Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

blue-lagoon-060 Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

One strange thing 🙂 It is 11 pm here and the blue skies have come out ready for the midnight sun. Sunglasses on, nearly midnight… Love it 🙂

blue-lagoon-068 Iceland – The Blue Lagoon