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The length and breadth of Britain is full of sights and wonders to be explored and discovered by many a travellers eye.  I wanted to show you somewhere different than hills and mountains for a change and take you on a visual trip elsewhere.  Lincolnshire is one such area, and one person in particular I have seen capture this area in such magnificent lovely detail…. @debsylee.  It is such a pleasure that she has agreed to show us round this gorgeous County with her own superbly caught photographs and words.

From the desk of Deborah……..

When Paul asked if I’d like to share some of my photographs of the county of my birth along with a few words I of course leapt at the chance. Then I realised how easy it is to capture what you want to say in an image, but how it’s not as straightforward when it comes to putting words on a page!

So .. in the interests of brevity I’m keeping this post to the two aspects of Lincolnshire that I’m inexhaustibly passionate about .. our magnificent Lincoln Cathedral and the county’s association with the World War 2 Avro Lancaster bomber. The former you will see standing majestically on your horizon irrespective of the direction from which you approach the city; the latter is entrenched in Lincolnshire’s history to the extent you can feel the vibration in the soil, despite the fact that we no longer hear the rumbling Lancaster engines on a daily basis.

city view of lincoln cathedral

I don’t believe you have to be religious to be struck by the inherent peace and calm that envelopes you as you walk around Lincoln Cathedral. It is quite literally breath-takingly beautiful, and is evident on the faces of local people as they walk by going about their daily business. Everyone glances skyward to appreciate the Cathedral; you can’t help it.

inside lincoln cathedral

Of course I shouldn’t miss the opportunity to mention the Bailgate area in which the Cathedral resides. Together with a stunning backdrop you’ll find interesting little shops, fabulous eateries and some lovely places to stay.

Bailgate area of lincoln

As well as watching over the county the Cathedral is also home to the Lincoln Imp, the city’s mascot. Many years ago on a school visit I remember being tasked with trying to find it; we eventually did but I won’t give away the exact location in case you want to find him yourself one day! He’s tucked into the stonework .. Don’t worry, the building is so huge you’ll still have a job to find him despite seeing this photograph!

the Lincoln Imp

And so on to ‘bomber county’, as Lincolnshire was known during World War 2

We’re very lucky that RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire is the home of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), a sight that graces many air shows around the country each year. A few miles from Coningsby is the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum at East Kirkby, home to Just Jane, another Lancaster, which although not currently airworthy does perform taxy runs up and down the runway on occasion.

cockpit of lancaster bomber

There are a few things I’ve learned over the years about the county’s wartime past that have hit home hard, amongst them is the fact that the average age of the crew of a Lancaster bomber was just 22.

Another is that Wing Commander Guy Gibson who lead the Dambusters raid was just 26 years old when he died. His plane crashed over Holland due to running out of fuel; it had a faulty fuel gauge. Sir Arthur Harris (‘Bomber’ Harris) described him as “as great a warrior as this island ever bred”.

We all strive for peace, but I think it’s immensely important we keep alive the memories of those who fought for that peace.

In conclusion, I guess you could say I’m proud to be a Lincolnshire girl. And you’d be right.

lancaster bomber taking off

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