Original photo by Thomas Shahan

Planet earth is one colourful place! Wherever you travel you’re certain to find vibrant shades, and along with them the desire to capture them as photos.

On the Visit Britain Superblog Paul did a lovely post showing ‘Rainbow Britain’, I thought I would go for a global version and shade it through the order of the spectrum. From violet to turquoise to crimson, we take a world tour of rainbow colours captured by talented photographers. Scroll the page up and down rapidly for the full, slightly psychedelic, rainbow experience!


Photo by Tanti Ruwani

Santa Ynez, California

Photo by Anita Ritenour

Tenerife, Canary Isles

Photo by Philippe Guillaume

Tenerife is certainly colourful from the sea all the way up to the top of El Teide. Turtles, dolphins and fish grace the shores around plus the array of colour all the way up inland to the top of El Teide cannot be ignored. An island to explore most definitely.

Vasto, Italy

Photo by Gabriele Simone

The Maldives

Photo by Nattu

Photo by Nattu

Lake Peyto, Canada

Photo by Tony Hisgett

Munnar, India

Photo by Bimal K C

Banff, Canada

Photo by  Satoru Kikuchi

Pokhara, Nepal

Photo by Dhilung Kirat

Napa, California

Photo by Chris Willis

Worcestershire, England

Photo by David Evans

Scenes like the one above in Worcestershire are replicated all over Britain. The whole spectrum is covered in bloom and a drive out in the countryside is never a toll. Take the time to look around and enjoy nature in full glory. Be it on wheels or on foot.

Texas, USA

Photo by Michael Glasgow 

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Photo by Vladislav Sabanov

Coldingham, Scotland

Photo by Neal Fowler

Pahoa, Hawaii

Photo by Paul (Dex) Bica 

Istanbul, Turkey

Photo by Matthias Rhomberg

Blue seas, blue and red skies, ancient buildings and palaces. High mountains, National Parks and battlegrounds that are steeped in history. When booking your flights to Turkey take the time to think about the wonders to discover apart from the relaxing at the beach. It is a treasure trove for tourists and history buffs alike.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo by Luis Argerich

Guangdong, China

Photo by Suloke Mathai 

Canberra, Australia

Photo by Huw Alexander Ogilvie


Photo by Jenny Downing 

…And finally an amazing rainbow photo so you can check we got the colours right! This stunning double-rainbow was shot in the St Elias National Park in Alaska.