Mexico – Over and Into the Turquoise Sea


The Riviera Maya has a beautiful east facing coast and looks right out onto the perfect turquoise Caribbean sea. Why, here at the Iberostar resort you can wander straight to the gorgeous sandy beach and into the warm water. A sight you won’t forget in a hurry.

Even as a man who enjoys wandering cold hills and mountains I cannot deny that walking for miles along these sandy shores is magical. It is hard to explain how clear and colourful the water really is.

Mexico - Turquoise Sea Mexico - Turquoise Sea

It is so easy to get drawn in and the hours pass happily taking it all in but today we had a little adventure within only 10 minutes by boat. To snorkel through the barrier reef, the largest one in the Western hemisphere actually. For the underwater shots can I please thank the generosity of my friend and fellow traveller here with me JD @earthXplorer. As you can see here, it was all smiles, awe and escapism. An experience I had never had before.

Fish all around of all colours as soon as you enter the water, corals right under your nose wafting in the small tide. Could have stayed out there for hours.

Mexico - Turquoise Sea Mexico - Turquoise Sea Mexico - Turquoise Sea Mexico - Turquoise Sea Mexico - Turquoise Sea Mexico - Turquoise Sea Mexico - Turquoise Sea

@VagaBondish capturing the underwater beauty

Alas, All was not lost….. We had that beach to go back to 😀

Mexico - Turquoise Sea Mexico - Turquoise Sea
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